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The title says it all. I’ve been a fuckin slacker lately and it eats me up. My car has been in the shop for almost 2 weeks now. The quick backstory on that is I went through an area that was flooded and it needs a new engine. I filed a claim with my insurance for it and insurances being as they are don’t make anything easy so it’s taking longer than it should. It’s frustrating, my wife has been delivering and picking me up from work and on a few days here or there I have taken her car for the duties myself. Therefore, I have not been working out either like I had been. So nothing but slacking from me. I hoping that jumping on today to get back in the practice will start a new trend. I sort of want to change how this blog has been going as well. I feel a majority of it has simply been my rants and raves about shit. I’d like to get away from that and try to add in more stories whether they be stories from my life or fictional. I’ve been pretty aggressive in some shit and at the time truly wrote what I felt. I’m sure it was offensive to some but whatever it is what it is. I want to try to stray away from the absolute shit show and to be curt, evil that is what we know as politics. Nothing but divisiveness and it brings out the worst in people I think. It’s brought out the worst in me. A huge help is trying to distance myself from news altogether. So anyways, hopefully this will start a new trend in hopefully more quality writings. I’m sure there will still be a fair share of rants from time to time but I think I want to focus more on actual story stuff. Hopefully it has a good effect. That’s all for now. Stay safe.

I really do have to apologize for my lack of content lately. I mentioned a couple posts back that life happens. That is still the case but I wasn’t entirely truthful. The truth is I’ve been working on myself a bit lately by deciding to do some serious exercise with my friend Matt. It started off a bit of a gag to surprise my brother for when he comes back from Austria next month. Hopefully that’s still the case and plans haven’t changed for them to come back later, cuz while I may have hated him for the suffocation lock, I still love the bastid and have missed hanging out with him. Another motivation was when Matt goaded me a into it by telling me to stop being a blob fish. If you aren’t aware of what a blob fish is, google it and look at some images. If you see that thing and are feeling overweight, well it’s a hell of a motivator because it’s ugly as fuck. I have to thank him for that because not only are there the physical benefits of it there’s also mental benefits. My wife has stated she has noticed a difference and that I seem happier after a night when I have put in some work. So that’s been the main catalyst of my lack of content. There’s definitely not a lack of content to write about these days so now that I’ve warmed you up with the reason for my recent absence let’s dive in. I’m gonna start with the hoopla of the removal of confederate statues, wanting to do away with the forts named after confederate soldiers, and the banning of the confederate flag. For all the people in support of keeping all the confederate shit, be warned. You may want to stop reading right now because I’m going to blast into you. If you are offended or upset about all that stuff being done away stating ” It’s history! You have to keep it up to remind ourselves of the past so it’s not forgotten!” All I can do is shake my head and call bullshit and call you a fucking idiot at the same time. Open a history book or maybe you should have paid attention in school. Did you ever recall learning about WWII and Nazi Germany? Do you ever recall a swastika flag and what it looks like? Of course you do. Did I see any swastika flags when I was in Germany? NO! But we still learned about that in history didn’t we? So, your thought on it possibly being lost history has been proven false. Maybe instead, you’re a higher level up. Maybe, it’s your Southern Pride which is why you defend to keeping the flag. Well, don’t try to say you aren’t a racist because that confederate flag resembles the traitors that were willing to fight America to keep being racist. So not only are you defending racism you are defending being a traitor. I’m going to go on a limb and say you probably are in high support of the current fascist in office. Which leads me directly into the uproar about Antifa. Last I knew Antifa stood for anti-fascist. To me, that sounds like something we should be for that is of course you think Nazi Germany was cool and want to bring it to America? In that case you deserve to keep your confederate flag because you have proven yourself to be a traitor. To be honest, that’s how America was founded so it’s all fitting in a strange way. While I love America, I don’t like a majority of the dirty history of it. Therefore, I say burn all the civil war memorial shit. Trust me, people will still learn about it another hundred years from now even without statues or flags. History has shown I’m right because last I knew people still know about it and write about it. It’s not statues that distinguish history. It’s the archives of written documentation. Unless, something like 1984 happens then I’ll be right. The scary thing is, 1984 seems more like fact sometimes than fiction. To be honest I don’t care if I am right about that. I just care for what is right to be done. I think getting rid of that stuff is the right thing to do. That’s all I got for now.

Today I found myself listening to a podcast I stumbled on upon called Bedtime Stories. This podcast features short stories of the unexplained. Aliens, UFOS, Cryptids, stuff like that. It made me think of a time that my friend Todd and I talked about over the weekend. We went camping to a place we like to go. Pawtuckaway Park in New Hampshire. It started out as any other time we had gone. We were drinking beer, smoking weed, and hanging out on the peak where we can look out over the park.

It’s a great view and we have seen fireworks from miles away before. We saw a satellite fly over one night and wouldn’t even had known had it not been coincidentally mentioned on the radio we were listening to at the moment. There have been some magical experiences up there and this particular story is one of them.

There is a fire pit that is a small embankment down from the peak. For some reason we decided to start a small fire. We got it going and didn’t think much of it. We went back up to the peak and it was pitch black at this time. I can’t recall the time but it was summer so I would guess it was at least 10 P.M. We were looking out across the land and we could see some headlights driving on one of trails way out in the distance across the pond. Then out of nowhere a bright, ball of light was shining on us. Almost as it were a spotlight shining on us but at the same time it was at around the same level or slightly higher then us. We were like what fuck at first. Then out of paranoia it struck my mind it was coming from the fire tower. Panicked we jumped down the embankment to put the fire out and I couldn’t help but notice that the bright light shined across the peak and over us as we crouched. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a light as bright as that in my life. I had never had a fire tower spot light on me either so our panic was just that we were going to get in trouble. Possibly arrested if they were to come up and find us. We went back and just went to the tent to go to sleep. Worried at any moment we would see flashlights and officials to get us out of there. No one ended up coming and we were able to get some sleep. When we woke up we went back to the peak to take a last look out over the park before we left. While up there I looked for the fire tower. It was way off to the left on the other side and in no way could have been the source of light that shined on us. Now I’ve tried to think of logical things on what the light was or where it came from but I had nothing when I realized how far away the fire tower was. I thought maybe it was a spot light coming from the vehicle that we had seen. I don’t think it was that either because the strange thing about the light was that it was a ball and there really wasn’t any beam to trace it’s origin. It’s something I have never had an answer to and neither has Todd. I guess it makes it our unsolved mystery.

It’s been awhile. I really didn’t mean to neglect my blog but needless to say life happens. I’m here and at it again though. Hitting the keys and about to get shit off my chest. I’m really hoping come November we don’t have another 4 years of this fuckin asshole. Him alone infuriates me. I hated him before he became “President”. Him taking office only inflated his ego and even worse he has a herd of fuckin sheep that support him regardless of anything he does. Including the blatant bullshit that he can’t ever back up. It’s always “I’ve heard stories”. Well guess what, here’s a story for you fuck face. Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly go back in time, capture John Wilkes Boothe, bring him back to the present and he blows Trump’s brains out and finally Trump has a half truth with him being like Lincoln. Seriously though, I wouldn’t shed a single tear if that motherfucker got knocked off. I’d consider it a good deed for humanity personally. America would really be winning then. It’s not winning as of now with 100,000 + deaths from this virus. I’m not saying that the virus is his fault. If I was, then I might as well be a Trump supporter because that’s just a moronic thing to do. Yes, if you are Trump, dick riding supporter, I called you a moron and I’m not going to apologize. As a matter of fact I’m doubling down. I’m gonna say fuck you and you can move on to another blog for all I care because to be truthful I don’t. There are zero leadership qualities about this man and he is an embarrassment to the U.S. This pandemic has shown how weak he is at leading. Simply by refusing to take it seriously and stating it’s going to go away like a miracle to constantly stating how the death toll would be higher if he had done nothing. Well, that’s the problem you did do nothing very early on and thus we are so far behind. He makes big claims about stopping travel from China. Whoopty fuckin doo, you really only prevented Chinese people coming over from China. Americans over there were still allowed to come back. Were they not going to carry it because they lived in America?? Bottom line is this dip shit has to go. I’m not saying Biden is a great choice either but I’d rather him than deal with 4 more years of narcissism and lack of accountability. I know I’m not the only one that sees that the guy is all too willing to pat himself on the back about something but anything negative is someone else’s fault. That just shows the lack of character he has. He is just a hollow body bag constantly spewing bile and I’ve grown all too sick of it.

I was just randomly thinking about things and I reverted back to my 6th grade English class. In class we were divided into small groups and we had to look things up in the dictionary. I believe we were looking up words and putting them into sentences or something like that. I was in a group with my friend Ryan and a kid that was new to me. I think he had been in the school for about a year already but we hadn’t had classes together until then. We had started to become friendly mainly due to working together and getting to know each other from that. I tend to be weary of new people until I get to know them. He decided to really test things out on this particular day. Thwack! He smacked me in the back of the head with dictionary as he walked by. He was a sneaky bastard doing that and he had this teacher wrapped around his finger. Enraged, I jumped up shoving my desk over causing an obvious scene. “Nathan!” she yelled at me. I tried to plead my case but when she asked him he just sort of shrugged his shoulders. Apparently that was a sign of innocence and she just chastised me for being unruly. I don’t recall her sending me to the principal but I was definitely rebuked. It’s always the reactor not the reactee that gets in trouble. Needless to say, it was the icebreaker to the best relationship I’ve had outside of my family in my life. I suppose the silly act of violence was a symbol of brotherhood. I do consider him a brother as well. I think my family wouldn’t hesitate to agree that he is family as well. As a matter of fact there were times while growing up I felt my parents would’ve preferred him over me. He is an amazing person and I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to be in his life as much as I have. I can’t blame my parents if they ever thought that and I can’t blame Mrs. Humphries (Humphreys?) for him being the pet. He’s an amazing dude and he’s always been a person that I’ve admired. We’ve had amazing memories together up till now and I can’t wait to build on them again when we have the chance.

There’s too much information out there these days and there’s a piece for every slant and view you can think of. That being said, it boils down to what sources can you really trust? I really just don’t know. The sides are so divided now that it doesn’t take a genius to see that there are specific news stations that portray their side to what they want you to see. It falls easily into ears of those that also see things from that side, right or left. Therein lies the danger. I’m constantly on the lookout for the truth and I feel a lot of other people try to be as well. However, many still stick to the news that pacifies them and they like to continue that trend. If you go to the other station they have complete opposite stories to support their agendas therefore the left stays with left news and right goes right. Where is the middle? If you read my blog you see I bring it up in many of my posts when I write about political stuff. I just want to know what’s real. I find myself guilty of sticking to the same news station that typically steers toward what I would prefer to be reliable but does tend to slant left. My reasoning for this is because I do know that Trump is a pathological liar. Not even a good one at that. He just blows off his lies and piles on more. I was listening to a video of him talking today and I was paying attention and flat out heard him lie by saying something completely opposite from what he had said in the first place. The sad thing is he does it all the time and there are people that think he’s the best. There’s no talking any sense into the Trumpers either. Yet, somehow they like to call the opposing side, sheep. Ok, we’re sheep but you’re blindly following a dude that blatantly lies about everything. Gotcha’ pal, you keep on winning you true patriot, you. It drives me fucking insane. I was talking with a friend of mine about it a few weeks ago and I’ve come to the same conclusion as he has. They’re fucking fascists. They truly are. Now, I say this strictly because I do know for a fact Trump is full of shit. They are the only people that say otherwise. Those “fake news” stories tend to be on the right side agenda from what I have observed. Any station that twist around and supports blatant lies I’ve heard with my own ears can’t be credible to me. However, there are stories I read from the right that make me think differently and then I find a news story that debunks it from the left. I just don’t know anymore. All I do know is Trump is a liar and those that blindly follow him are fascists. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I couldn’t help but notice the sink with the dishes in it this morning at the office building I work at. There is currently a post-it on the dishwasher at the moment stating it is out of service for the time being, yet I was still irked by seeing them in there. It opened my eyes to the blatant disregard that people seem to have for public spaces. I’ll openly admit I’m not necessarily the neatest person around but I have respect for my others so I make sure I’m courteous when it comes to public domains. It would’ve taken just a few moments to clean the ones in the sink… I guess I should’ve done it but I was busy WASHING MY OWN. I’m glad in a sense that it happened because it gave me a topic to write about today. Some of my pet peeves. Most of them are related to simple courteous things that it seems some people missed the car on the courtesy train. I hate seeing shopping carts taking up a parking space or just fucking hanging out in the lot somewhere. They made the carriage corrals for a reason you dipshits. Put the fuckin cart away like a civilized person. That one really pisses me off. People that take their dog to the beach and don’t bring a shit bag. C’mon, really?! Actually it doesn’t even have to be the beach just anywhere public. Be courteous and pick it up. Fuckheads that drive around in their car late at night blasting shitty fuckin music but they think it’s ill because it’s got good bass or some shit. You’re not impressing anyone, turn that shit down and go on your way. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with that one much anymore but there was a time when I did. Oh, I guess I can say the same about the motorcycles with the super loud mufflers. Yeah, you’re weak too dude and your bike’s a piece of shit. I bet one on one with my hyundai I come out on the better end of the collision. Jesus, I think I’m starting to get off my hinges. I’ve had a lot of angry rants here lately. Fuck it, that’s what this is for. This is my therapy, and the above you read are just a few of my pet peeves. If you fall in one of those categories above, be a better person and do the opposite.

Once again I was listening to one of Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes at work. I like most of them that he does because he seems like he’d be a great guy to talk to. He also has had some great guests and has introduced me to many different people. He has had lots of comedians on them and I like comedy a lot and it has helped to expose me to some that I have grown to enjoy. I also enjoy listening to them because it feeds my brain and helps to give me ideas on what to write about. Today was no different. While listening to it they started to discuss some of the businesses that have been crushed from the pandemic. Notably discussing movie theaters. Joe stated his opinion and he feels they could be fucked. I have a feeling he could be right. Especially now that they started to have Apple TV be able to stream new movies that were supposed to be getting released during this time. The guest stated that would suck as she enjoys to go to the theater to see a movie. They discussed that feeling when they’ve gone to a movie and everyone enjoys and laughs at the same parts. It reminded me of a couple movies that always remain classics in my mind. Both of them I had seen in the theaters and both of them I had seen with my dad. One of them was Howard Stern’s Private Parts. It was for my 15th birthday and that was what I wanted to do for my birthday. I remember that was during a phase where I would sleep on the couch a lot because the t.v. was down there. I would watch Howard Stern’s show and it was on late night because it was risque. Hmmm… while Howard’s show was funny and provided me with laughs there were other things that kept my interest. I was coming coming out of the ages of innocence and delving into the curiousness of sex. It didn’t take me long to realize my sexuality. I liked women and Howard Stern’s show late night on E was very helpful in that discovery. They only had a transparent blur over the private parts (pun intended). With everyone else asleep, being by myself, and that being on I found new uses for socks. Anyways, that’s beside the point. The point was is that we both enjoyed the movie. I still watch it if I see it on tv. The other movie it made me think of was Something About Mary. We had arrived a little later than we anticipated so we missed the first few parts of the movie but just in time for the franks above the beans scene. That set the pace for another movie that I love and will still watch. We both enjoyed that one together as well. It was good bonding time. I was fortunate to have a majority of my developmental years in a typical, dysfunctional, family. I don’t use the term dysfunctional as a diss either. It’s just the reality. I think any family of 4 or more is. Despite all being family everyone is their own person. That’s what makes the bonds and ties. That’s what fuels the love for each other. That’s what makes blood thicker than water.

Today, I decided to listen to a 40 minute documentary on the Spanish Flu. It was really interesting to know that it is very similar to COVID-19. Some of the symptoms that were reported about the Spanish Flu are strikingly similar to those that have been reported about COVID. Notably, the loss of your sense of smell. The scariest thing to take from it was that it came in waves. The first one was not bad but when the two following waves came, the virus mutated and was even more deadly. More people died from the Spanish Flu than WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. A main reason for it doing so was the fact that the government decided to downplay it…. Sound familiar? I just figured I would give myself a little bit of a history lesson on the Spanish Flu and I’m curious on if many other people have even bothered. I still feel like this virus is being downplayed. It has been handled a little better than the Spanish Flu which is good. My biggest concern is what the following waves will do when it rears its ugly head again… What am I saying again for? It’s still currently active. Also, the death count for the Spanish Flu that they’ve calculated is probably lower than it actually was. The cause being, the hospitals were so overwhelmed, they simply stopped counting in some instances. So you may hear some people that are touting that the number of deaths from Coronavirus may be less because they are counting in people that died as a virus death when possibly it could have been another underlying condition. Well, when you’re overwhelmed with a new virus and people are dying during it in the hospitals, I’m sure that it’s not going to be 100% accurate because you have so many at such a fast pace that the cause of death in the report doesn’t matter. It’s still a death regardless and you’re focusing on trying to prevent another. Things definitely could have been handled better in the beginning but we have a spoiled, entitled, rich brat as the president. Recently, he was trying to coax the dr’s to say there wouldn’t be resurgence in the fall. It’s as if he has his fingers in his ears and his eyes closed trying to block out reality. Instead of admitting any fault in not taking the bull by the horns in the beginning he just throws blame somewhere else. Enough about him. I’m not sure how many people have actually bothered to take the time to investigate the similarities of this and the Spanish Flu but I decided I should and therefore I’m relaying what I gathered to you. If you want another eye opening piece of information. I also listened to a documentary called Planet Of The Humans. That one was a bummer. Feel free to look it up on youtube and see for yourself. It’s eye opening and it’s sad. Perhaps you may not want to because of that and I understand but realize that it’s something the public should check out and try to gather something from the message told in it. Hope you enjoyed my brief history lesson. Let’s hope we aren’t heading down the same path.

I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast today at work today and he was talking with independent journalist, Tim Poole. While listening to the topics they discussed, which was really all over the map, it made my brain click as I thought of how things have changed so much in the last 20 years. I started thinking of some of the new terms and things that are said/written now and how much they fucking irritate me. I guess you could say they “Trigger” me. A term that seems to be used now for people that get pissed off about something, usually something political. That is one that pisses me off because it’s fucking stupid. I’m not triggered, fuckface. I’m pissed off, or if we want to be a little more soft, angry. Another one I really can’t stand is “Woke”. How that term came to be, I don’t know but basically it means being aware not to hurt people’s feelings regarding many things such as sex, race, gender, etc. The thing that pisses me off about woke is that it is more than a word but a movement in the sense of being a social justice warrior. This movement has then led to a cancel culture where people can be targeted for things that people think offended certain groups of people and it can be shit that had been said several years ago and in some cases has ruined some people’s careers. As I continue writing this post, I realize that it circles back to my previous post in regards to technology and being dumbed down. Not only does it dumb you down but now it’s an archive for all the woke trolls to sift through shit people have mentioned in the past. Trolls, another term that is useless to me. What happened to just calling people that suck, an asshole? Now, it seems they are called trolls. Mostly the term applies to people on the internet who are complete losers and have nothing better to do than start shit. It’s so easy for people to talk shit nowadays because they can do it from thousands of miles away and don’t have to deal with the possibility of saying it to someone’s face and getting their ass beat. Everyone’s a tough guy when they don’t have to face the person they are putting down. Moving on, as I think of it, this surge of change in our culture has changed the movies that come out now… I just thought of it because I watched Predator the other night. The 1987 original classic. In the beginning of the movie they are talking on the choppa and Blaine (played by Jesse Ventura) is offering chewing tobacco to the other guys and they all seem to refuse and he states “Nothing but a bunch of slack jawed, faggots in here. This shit’ll make you a sexual tyrannosaurus. Just like me.” If you’re woke, you’re going to try to cancel me for that. Well, it’s not something I said I just quoted a movie. The reason I bring that specific quote from the movie is glaringly obvious. It had been so long since I had seen the movie it clicked in my head that the way things are going. There will never be a dialogue like that in a movie these days. The Woke will come down on them and the movie would get cancelled. Also, there’s not many original ideas anymore. They do nothing but remakes… they all fucking suck. I hope that some day the woke will go back to sleep.

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