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Woke up this morning suffering from the effects of all the wine drunk yesterday. Splitting headache and feeling like my brain was floating in water. After leaving the Enotecca we headed out for dinner. We ate at Al Portiecielo. I had spaghetti with bolognese sauce. I can tell the difference in the pasta here from back home. It is thicker and you can tell it is made and not processed. After dinner while walking back to the hotel we took a quick dive into the Mediterranean. It was chilly but not as cold a the Atlantic. It was an experience I won’t forget. Tonight we fly to Marseille. Not sure what the plan is for the day yet. I suppose I should get in the shower now so we can check out.

That was a gnarly hangover that morning. I wasn’t going to jump into the ocean at first because I was calling Jason and Matt’s bluff until they stripped down to their underwear and went running in. I had no choice but to join in then. It was only for about 5 minutes or so but I can say I took a swim in the Mediterranean in the winter. It was a totally drunken thing to do as we didn’t have towels or anything to dry off with. Jason and Matt just threw on their clothes but I put on my jacket and walked back in just my underwear and barefoot. While walking back to the hotel we walked past the Enotecca and they were laughing and clapping as we walked by. Jason or Matt gave them their phone to snap a picture of us. We realized that they may have seen us jumping in from the outlook where we had eaten earlier and could explain how they seemed prepared to greet us when we walked by. I don’t have the photo myself but will post it up once Jason or Matt texts it to me. Later on that night when we got back to the hotel I remember Matt and I jamming out to Allman Brothers and playing air guitar. Stupid goofy shit almost like we were little kids again. I felt fine that whole night and didn’t even expect the hangover I was greeted with in the morning. I survived so despite the morning after, all the events of the day before were a grand time.

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