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Just about had four bottles of red wine at the same Enotecca we went to yesterday. You just can’t beat the view and the charcuterie plates are amazing. It’s well earned as we did do a real nice hike up a mountain that gave us a great view from above of the ocean and the city below. I believe it was called Terra Della Rocca. It was a beautiful sunny day throughout the hike. We came back down and headed to the Enotecca again for our lunch. Jason thought due to the weather that it may be difficult to get a seat by the out look on the ocean. Thankfully, there was no issue and we got seated easily. Another great reason to travel off season. My wife love a good charcuterie plate. This only means I need to bring her here someday. I look forward to the day when that will happen. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me in all things I do. She truly is amazing to me. I don’t mean to be sappy and I doubt she will even read this but if she ever does I hope she knows that wherever I go she is still included in my heart. I’m not really listening much to Jason and Matt at the moment but I can tell they are discussing where we go from here. This place was a real nice place to visit. I’m happy I was able to do this trip. I think there are good things to come.

I don’t know why I say it was a mountain we hiked because it really wasn’t something you can consider a mountain. I realized how out of shape I was while going up it I can say that much but I did it nonetheless. It was probably a 45 minute to 1 hour hike to get up to the top of the “mountain”. At the top was what had once used to be a fort of some kind. There was also an old structure that had been built in the B.C. period up there. At night there is a cross on the top that would light up and you could see it from what I would consider to be the town square. I would definitely go back to Cefalu. There was just something about it that I really enjoyed about it. Perhaps it was because the weather was so nice but the people were also friendly as well. I remember when we were sort of taking pictures later that evening down by the sea wall an old Italian man came up to us and was speaking in Italian and he was trying to tell us something. He was making hand motions and noises that represented fighter planes and such. He was either 82 or 92 judging by the number of times he held up his fingers to show us his age. We came to realize afterwards on the next day, that during World War 2 there was some dog fighting so to speak going on there and one of them crashed down on the beach and there was a sign where it happened. That was a cool experience even though at the time we couldn’t really understand what he was telling us I was glad that we found that sign as it sort of showed what he was trying to explain to us. I think he was saying he remembered seeing it happen. I could be completely wrong but that’s a cooler story to think of than him just telling us about how a plane had crashed and that there is a memorial to show it. If you get the chance to visit Sicily I highly suggest going to Cefalu. I would also recommend going in the off season. The beach bars aren’t open but they aren’t needed to enjoy the area in my opinion.

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