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I talked to Veronica for a short bit last night and she said she would get a hold of me in the morning. I waited until almost noon and bailed. I am now lodged at The Point and think I will move onward tomorrow if I don’t bump into the girls later on to get some better details on a plan. I did get a nice surprise this morning though as I had a knock on the door and it was Grant. I thought that he had already left but I think he plans to leave tomorrow. I hope I meet some cool people at this new hostel but I’m not sure if I will… Change of thought on that as I got a good crack just now from a guy making fun of girls tennis by making the noise they make every time they hit the ball. Well, maybe it’s time to socialize a bit.

Well, it’s not going to be a spoiler because it is the last that they are mentioned in my journal but I didn’t end up bumping into Veronica and Eloise and we never ended up traveling together. I had been in the Lima area for full week at this point partially due to the fact it took a few days until my backpack finally arrived and also due to my own hesitations of traveling alone. I’m not sure why that made any difference though as I had gotten this far by myself. It was time to keep on keeping on with or without companions.

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