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Here we are. My first post in 2021 and what a topic to discuss. Fraud. We’ve been hearing plenty about that these days haven’t we? So let’s get into. To start let me provide the definition of fraud. Fraud – Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain or a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities. That is verbatim from google searching it. So bearing that in mind let’s go forward with my train of thought. I have seen posts on social media speculating how the flu is down and COVID is going up. Among the comments within I have seen many people stating that its because they get more money for COVID therefore they aren’t even testing for the flu. While they may get more compensation for COVID they can’t just say you have it and go on their way. Do you know why? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the topic of this whole post. Yes, that’s right. It is fraud if you bill for treatment of something that someone doesn’t have. I know from first hand experience. I worked for a guy who was nailed for Medicare fraud. It didn’t end well. He lost everything, but that’s the price you pay when you get caught. That’s the price health care providers will eventually pay if they intentionally try to do it as well, so if they enjoy their livelihood I don’t think they are chomping at the bit to bill everything as COVID. Moving on from that debate, we go into the real meat of what I wanted to discuss. The whole charade that Trump is pulling in regards to the election and how it was a fraud election and rigged. Now, he has a coalition of Republicans that are going to object the certification results. This is the stuff that infuriates me. Everyone towing in line behind a man who is an actual fraud. He’s a fraud claiming a fraud happened. Granted he should know all about it as that is his whole life but the truth is, he has been the one all along trying to rig the election. He even resorted to intimidation tactics by calling the Georgia Secretary of State and telling him to find 11,780 votes which is one over he would need to win… I’m sorry, isn’t that fraud? Trying to have votes come out of nowhere so you can win? This coming from a man who had to settle a lawsuit over a fraudulent university he had. Does anyone remember that? Everyone’s cool with that and thinks he’s Honest Abe? Give me fucking break, the dude lies on top of lies. This is exactly why I know there isn’t widespread voter fraud to sway the election. If there was, it was on his side. He told his supporters to vote twice when he spoke at his rallies for fuck sake! Don’t we all know that if he had legitimately won there wouldn’t have even been a peep about fraud? It is discouraging to see how many people believe this fucking asshole even more so support him. I encourage you to read that definition again and do some research on Trump. I’ll be damned if a picture of him wouldn’t be the same fucking thing.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts about fraud

  1. Some people really never learned the story of the boy who cried wolf.


    1. Nathan Smith says:

      I agree. It was one of the first stories I learned as a kid.


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