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T minus 2 hours until I consume the truffles I purchase. The woman recommended eating and then waiting 2 1/2 hours before consuming them. I purchased a kind called Dragon Slayer. We are currently at a bar in the red light district and are planning to go to the prostitution museum. I’m guessing by the time we are done with that then it will be time to face melt. I was told to expect good visuals and a good, happy mood with these truffles. I hope that’s what happens. We shall see, until then it’s bye for now.

I have had experiences with mushrooms in the past but it had been awhile and I wanted to be sure it would be a good trip and not a bad one. The woman also told me to not drink alcohol or do other drugs after I took the truffles. I think it’s because they sort of treat it like a pharmaceutical drug with directions like that. In the past, I’ve done shrooms and smoked and drank without hesitation while being on them. However, I decided to take the woman’s advice and was refraining from drinking. I don’t know why I did that. I guess because I was with Jason and Matt I wanted to do everything possible to prevent from them feeling like they would have to babysit me. They knew I planned to do this and were with me when I bought them at the store. If anything perhaps their speculation and their experiences on them which was bad was feeding into my thoughts. I couldn’t end up doing them and have them saying “told you so”. Jason and Matt drank and it was torture sitting there waiting as the clock ticked until I could do what I wanted to do. I was excited, I was nervous, how was this trip going to go?

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