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I have a few spare moments right now so I thought I would write some more. I haven’t written this much in such a long time and to me it almost feels like being reborn. It’s been so long since I have been able to just take the time and do it without having a million things running through my already scattered mind. I actually want to write about a cat I have noticed. It’s a black and white cat and I believe it is living inside the roof of a building below me. I noticed it yesterday when I was looking out the window and when I looked down at the building below I saw a pair of eyes just staring at me. I took a picture of it tonight. I haven’t seen it go anywhere else so I wonder when it goes off into the street. I was observing it tonight and it was just chilling out on top of the building by its lair. I suppose it found a nice perch. I need to be fearless now and catch a bus in Lima so I can get to Cuzco. Just keep all my meaningful stuff on me and if someone takes shit from my backpack just consider it a loss. I hope that doesn’t happen though. I know when I leave I will miss this quaint little area. I have enjoyed my stay here that’s for sure but I must move onward. Take yet another step of progression just as I took when I first arrived here. Meet new people and experience new places. The open road lays ahead.

Well, unfortunately the pic I took of the cat is one of the photos I had taken that I think will be lost forever. It sucks because that’s one thing that I could have displayed to you but it just remains as a photo in my memory now. If somehow I come across it, I shall update this post with a picture of it. I don’t find that likely and feel that maybe it’s more meant to be like the moment that Gordie had in the movie Stand By Me when he sees the deer and never mentioned it until he wrote about it when he was an adult. I do remember being quite intrigued by the cat. It must have been the reason that drove me to write about it. It’s a bizarre thing because unlike dogs I’m not keen on cats, yet somehow this one managed to make an impact for a full entry in my journal. It’s not one of the more interesting entries I had made but things were just getting started…

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