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Yet again my sense of direction fucking fails me. I ended up taking the “scenic” route back to the hotel tonight. I had a brief blowout with my brother regarding the train to Paris tomorrow. We can catch one that is at around 8:30 in the morning and takes 3 hours or be fucking bums and continue to drink so we are hung over as fuck and not make it, in turn for a 5 hour train ride around 10:30 in the morning. Oh yeah, the 8:30 one is only 35 Euro and the 5 hour one is 100 Euro. It’s a fucking no brainer. Yet he has to try to stay out. Matt played guidance counselor, as we, for the most part, told each other to fuck off as brother’s tend to do now and again. Either way it pissed me off. I’m not able to blow through all kinds of loot and am trying to budget myself. Matt mentioned I could take the early train myself and they would catch up with me later. I could do that and very well may. I’m not comfortable doing it, but fuck it. I found a way by myself in South America, I can do this. I’ll set my alarm early and if they want to follow so be it. I’d be tempted to just blow this whole thing to shit and head straight to Amsterdam. I suppose that would be a dick head move. I’ll set my alarm and go from there. Hopefully the don’t get too much more buggered up, otherwise I’ll be heading to Paris on my own. It’s not how I want things to go but it makes more sense. Hopefully the get their heads out of their asses and come with. If not, well I suppose some true colors will be shown. As I said earlier, these two are a pleasure or a chore. Right at this point it’s feeling like a chore.

This entry took place the night we stayed in Aix. Aix was a small city and relatively hip I guess you could say. There seemed to be a lot of youth there and I’m not sure if there was a college nearby or something but it seemed to be a younger crowd, or at least younger than us. All the streets looked similar and once you got deeper in the depths and going down different streets, it was easy for me to get lost without the use of google maps. I had one landmark and it was a basically a town square that had a traffic circle but there really wasn’t much traffic that seemed to be allowed to go around it. Actually, they had pillars that were in the ground and they would raise up if you tried to go through. This was only a realization we noticed because a woman had tried to drive around it it seems and the pillar came up and smashed up the front end of her car causing pretty severe damage it looked as oil was going all over the place. It was interesting to see and at the same time didn’t make sense and it would have been an easy mistake and probably for sure one we could have made had we had a car to drive around. There was no way of knowing the pillars would rise up until apparently it would be too late. Seemed like a really shitty way to find out you were going down a road you weren’t supposed to. Anyways, I have diverted a bit of what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about a couple things I experienced on my scenic route back. Now, I was unable to use google maps because I could only use it if I had wifi and I could only get that if I was at the hotel. It did me no good when I was trying to get my way back there. Needless to say what should have probably only been about a 10 or 15 minute walk back to the hotel had I gone the right way took me at least an hour to get back. To make things more difficult I had gotten so crossed up that I couldn’t find my way back to the bar I that I had stormed out of. Had it not been for the scenic route I wouldn’t have seen the two girls that were getting into a fight. Now, I’m not sure if they were really fighting or if they were just just a couple friends fucking around but one girl was grabbing the others hair and they were going at it. It was sloppy fighting and just hair pulling but I thought I heard laughter as well. It was very confusing but still entertaining to watch as I slowly meandered by. I did see a guy eventually run over to jump in to break it up. I almost wonder if it was a ploy to get attention. I don’t know I was just a passerby. Another interesting thing, was there was a guy that had walked by me and was was speaking in French to me. He was walking and swaying his arms around very emphatically. I couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me or if he was making fun of the way I walked. When I walk I’m on a mission and I’ve been told it’s a distinct walk. I asked him ” Par les voux, Englais?” He said, “No” and continued on his way. I have still have speculation on if he really didn’t speak English as later on in our trip we came to realize that some French tend to play coy when it comes to speaking English. They know it better than they lead on it seems. I will never know what the deal was with that dude but it was something that stuck in my head on that walk back to find the hotel. Obviously, I ended up finding my way but I came out of another street further down from where I wanted to. Jason and Matt actually came in shortly after I had finished writing my entry. Now the question remains, did they want to take the 8:30 train with me or not?

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