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Fixed my boo boo on my blog. Went back online about a 1/2 hour ago and my brother responded. He wanted me to level with him and asked if I was doing coke. I am not. Truth is I just haven’t been able to budget myself on this trip. Also, the fees they charge at the ATM’s is killing me. I tried to call him, both #’s but did not get a hold of him. I felt I needed to call someone so I called Steph. Shanna picked up and they seemed excited to hear from me. I had to cut the call short unfortunately as I was using my last Bolivianos. I now only have 6.50 in Bolivianos. I hope I can get funds quick because this trip is beginning to get out of hand. Dear God, please help me make it through, Amen.

That was a legitimate prayer. I was really quite worried and I said it before but you find faith when nothing else is there. I also noticed that I worded things a bit wrong in regards to my brother’s interrogation. He thought I was blowing money on coke which I was not. I did partake about a handful of times during my trip but that was only when I was hanging with some generous people. I never purchased any and never attempted to especially after my incident back in Barranco. That set the tone for me early to not even risk it. I mention calling Steph. Shortly, before my trip I had befriended a trio of girls that I hung out with pretty frequently at the time. Angela, Steph, and Shanna or better known at the time as the ASS crew. They were 3 girls that were friends and lived together for awhile and they would have parties. That was how we became friends. It’s funny how much changes over time as I haven’t spoken with them in years. That’s how life is sometimes. Not all the characters you meet in your life stay in the story forever. As you grow, so does the world around you and sometimes that means people exit stage left. Before I close on my reflections on this entry I want to touch base on the prayer I made because in all sincerity, I probably should be more religious. Why you may ask? Well, because that prayer was answered the next day.

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