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Just arrived in Puno and am now at the hostel at which I am staying. I have heard through the grapevine that Puno is a shit hole. It’s too dark to see it with my own eyes but according to my nose it seems quite possible. It surely does smell like shit. I’m getting picked up at 6:40 A.M. to go tour the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. Should be interesting. I’m hoping I may bump into Terra and Kim on the docks, that would be cool. According to “Lonely Planet” most people aren’t satisfied with the tours on the islands. I hope that I may be able to find something special in it. I’m not one for tour guides anyways but maybe it will be good. The bus trip here wasn’t bad, a little bit chilly but not too bad. It is pretty cold here right now though as it is still dark. I can hear the roosters going crazy so hopefully the sun will come up soon and bring it’s warmth over the land. It’s funny how much of an impact of being with people can change one’s attitude. I was just skimming through this journal and I feel the complete opposite as before. I’m starting to love this journey. Part of my increased spirit is because I had received some money through an internet loan. The second was switching my lodging back to The Point hostel where it is very easy to meet people. The other hostel was just too isolated and lonely for me. I just looked out the window as the sun is starting to make it’s light and it looks and smells official that Puno is indeed a shit hole. Well, I think I may close my eyes for a short bit before I go on the island tour.

Well, reading back on that I’m sure that it is triggering for some people. My intention is not to offend anyone in regards to my sentiments on Puno, Peru. This was 12 years ago and Puno may not be the same as it was then. I’m also going to be honest with how I feel about things and if anything, I think you can respect my honesty. How else would you describe a place that literally smelled liked sewage and most of the buildings were dilapidated? I guess I could be less brazen and say it was stinky and unappealing. Please, let’s be real. 2007 was a much different time than it is today. Either way, I don’t know why I’m defending myself for sharing my personal thoughts from my journal from 12 years ago. So with that I’ll stop trying to. You have your own thoughts and hopefully thus far you don’t get the vibe I’m an asshole. I will now change topics and bring up the Point. The Point is actually a chain of hostels in Peru. As of 2007 they had 3 hostels in Peru. I ended up staying in all 3 of them. They had one in Barranco, one in Cuzco and one in… Well, I’ll let my journal tell you that as it’s a little further along in this crazy adventure and it also signals that the journey is getting near it’s end as it was the last hostel I stayed at before going back to fly home out of Lima.

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