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In terminal E10 at Logan airport. Getting ready to board in about 20 minutes. We had a bite to eat at Legal Seafoods and a few drinks. There was another patron sitting at the bar a few seats away. He had a nicely groomed mustache. A pornstache if you will. It got me thinking that a mustache is similar to a visor. I mean that in the sense that George Carlin referred to it. A visor is half a hat. A mustache isn’t even a fucking goatee. Grow the rest out, especially if it’s not bushy. A mustache has to be bushy to even be anything worthwhile. A finely groomed pornstache is amateur shit, bub. If you want a stache see top references like Tom Selleck or Sam Elliott. That’s all for now.

I’m not sure why that guy’s mustache irritated me so much. I guess because it wasn’t really necessary for the guy to have. It was literally as if he was a young kid just reaching puberty and getting a that first sign of a mustache. It’s understandable when you’re young like that because when you’re young you want to be older so it would make sense. This guy was at least 21 because he was drinking and I got carded so I sure as hell know that dude did. I’m guessing the guy probably couldn’t grow a good bushy one and he was just happy with whatever facial hair he could grow but c’mon dude, a pornstache just speaks creep, man. At least that’s what I thought. Oh, I should apologize to my best friend right now in case he reads this. He can’t really grow facial hair well and he at one point did grow a stache for awhile and it was mostly a pornstache. Knowing him he probably thought he looked creepy as well. Either way, sorry buddy. My stance on real mustaches is firm. Don’t freak out it’s an opinion, we all have one.

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