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Feels good that the weekend is here. The sun is out and the temperature seems to finally be going up into what should be spring. If you took a look outside for the most part you wouldn’t think it was any different than typical every day life. Well, that’s not the case due to the fallout that is being brought by this coronavirus. The economy is going to take a massive hit from this. Restaurants could potentially be closed permanently due to being unable to recover from this. It’s sad to see happen. You wouldn’t think that’s the case staring out the window at the sunny blue sky. Unfortunately, this is the case and I wish everyone the best during these trying times. My only advice is to stop watching the news. That just feeds the monster. I haven’t really watched it because it’s just more of the same. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. Every day the story is the same it seems. The worst of it is that no matter what, the president has to some way make it about himself. This is the sole reason I never liked the man in the first place. I knew he only cared for himself and that’s not the mentality of someone that is supposed to be the president. We have definitely been trending in a me first mentality so I feel that’s a big reason he got elected in the first place. Well, maybe this virus is just to show everyone that it’s not always about you as a singular unit. It’s about us as a whole. The human condition is inevitable though. Enough time will pass and we will be back to where we were before. All about ourselves. That’s why history seems to repeat itself. We never truly learn from it. It gets tossed on the back shelf and forgotten until tragedy strikes again. It’s like time is a broken record skipping and repeating and we are too deaf to notice.

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