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We finally found ourselves at our destination in Ballyshannon, Ireland. We walked into Dorrian’s Imperial Hotel, a family run 18th century hotel. After check-in we headed towards the elevator to head up to our room. The three of us stepped in each with a backpack and luggage case. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve done any travel Ireland but let’s put it this way. They like things small it seems, from the narrow roads, to the parking spaces in the garages, an elevator was no exception.

So, here we are preparing for a routine lift on an elevator. As soon as we all got in the elevator it dropped about 6 inches. We looked at each other slightly alarmed and let out some laughter. We pushed the button to go up to our designated floor. Slowly, the elevator started to ascend and stopped dead in its tracks roughly between floors. My brother and I laughed as we usually do when it’s at the expense of our friend as he was much more nervous about it then we were. The hotel knew it was stuck immediately and heard us asking for help.

“Sorry, lads your first pints are on us.” We heard from the other side. We took them up on that offer. We also opted for the stairs in that hotel for the remainder of our stay.

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