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Close to the end of the road now. Currently on a flight to Munich for our layover and then the final flight back to Boston. I was forced to check my backpack prior to boarding the plane. Hopefully it arrives in Boston. I wish we had a bit more time to spend in Copenhagen as I feel there is so much we had left we could do. Either way I can that Copenhagen was a pleasant experience. I give it an A. I’m hoping that whatever crap it is I’m dealing with goes away shortly after I get back home. It’s dragged me down quite a bit. This trip felt like a long one but pretty good for the most part. Certainly a learning experience to show me what places I look forward to visiting again and places that I feel I do not. I had a good night’s rest last night. I aslo ended my last entry rather abruptly but that was due to talking to my wife. After speaking with her Jason and I went into the sauna at the hotel. It was a nice treat to help to clear my system out. I think it helped to put me to sleep as well. If I’m fortunate, maybe my ear will finally clear out. Only time will tell.

Well, that’s the last entry from my 2 week Euro trip. I can’t help but think back to myself being sick during that time and all the stuff that’s going on now. It makes me go hmmmm…. did I get it??? I don’t believe so, just a strange coincidence. I think it was from going into the Mediterranean that drunken night in Cefalu, personally. Times are strange with this virus going around. I am still currently able to work so I have an income and that’s comforting to know. The job that had irritated me so much that it sparked the fire in my ass to start this whole blog thing, I am now quite thankful for. At this point in time with my writing there has been no income. This is something I hope eventually will change and I firmly believe if I keep at it, it will. I intend to keep at it. I thank everyone that takes the time to read these thoughts, experiences, stories, and feelings of mine. I hope they provide insight, encouragement, entertainment, and humor to you. Most of all I hope they make you FEEL something. Thanks again for reading and in the meantime, take care of yourself and others.

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