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Before jumping into the final entry of this South American journey, I want to reflect on a couple things prior to when I flew back home. I was leaving from Arequipa, Peru by bus up to Lima and it is about a 16 hour bus ride. It was a bus I took at night so I arrived at Lima in the morning. One thing I failed to take into consideration is a tax you have to pay to leave the country… I don’t know why they do it but they do. I was virtually broke at this time and thankfully yet again had to get some money wired from my good friend Todd so I could pay the tax to get home. I was limping home with barely a penny to my name. I arrived off the bus in Lima in the morning and my flight back was a night flight. I spent 12 hours at that airport killing time. Thankfully, I had a book to read. It was a book I had received from a woman I had met at the hostel. Her name was Dani and we had discussed books. I had brought a book titled “Ishmael” with me. It was a book I enjoyed but it was time to part ways with it as it was something I had received from my ex. I can’t explain my reasoning for bringing it with me. Anyways, Dani and I exchanged books. I gave her “Ishamael” and she gave me a book that she really enjoyed titled “An Equal Music”. Thankfully, I enjoyed it as well and it helped to kill a good chunk of the 12 hours I had to wait before I boarded my flight back home.

I feel so relieved as I am now back on American grounds. I’m at JFK and finish my trip with an hour flight to Boston. I’m currently waiting in terminal 4 to see if my friend Stephanie shows up. She wanted me to call her when I arrived but frankly I don’t have even a mere dollar to make the call. I had forewarned her though by internet message on Myspace. I hope she does show up. It would be good to see a familiar face again. When I arrive in Boston my other friend Stephanie is picking me up. It will be good once I get that far. The closer to home I get the more relaxed I begin to feel. It’s funny, I left because I wanted to be away, I was practically cursing home. Now, I couldn’t be happier to be back. It takes a bit of culture shock and harsh reality to recognize how good home can be sometimes. I believe that reflecting on my thoughts… I have actually found what I was seeking.

As I think about this entry I’m not so sure that I was really seeking anything as much as I was trying to run away from something. It makes me think about a song I had written with my friend Todd. The first lyrics are “You can run from your problems, but they’ll only stay.” I think that’s the truth I didn’t know back then. Sadly, this concludes our trip together. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I was a competent guide to lead you along the way. I have bigger plans on this journey as whole. I would ideally like to publish it with actual scans of my real journal to give it the real feel I have tried to portray. Please comment or message me if this is something you may be interested in. So long for now.

2 thoughts on “July 25th, 2007 10:15 A.M.

  1. Wanda says:

    Bravo Nate!

    I’m sorry to see this blog end but what a story. You definitely should pursue your thoughts on expanding and publishing this journey of youth. Its a classic! Reading this has caused me to reflect on my own “youthful journey”. The joy, terror, adventure, and realization that “There’s no place like home”.

    ~ W ~


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