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We went to the Anne Frank house. It was an experience that really put into perspective the dangers during The Holocaust. I remember having to read parts of Anne Frank’s diary in school when I was younger. I want to say as early as 5th grade or so. All I can say was at that time it’s just too early to introduce to introduce that topic to people. I couldn’t stand having to read it because I wasn’t mature enough at the time to actually grasp the severity of the events. After going to the museum and learning and listening to the tour I felt a sense of sadness and empathy. It really did a job showing just how evil the Nazi regime was. 6 million Jews were killed during that time. No crimes committed other than being what they were. One of the most interesting things I did learn in school in regards to The Holocaust though is that the Jews are not a race but a religion and Hitler more or less considered it a race, therefore I have had several debates with people regarding Jews being a religion and not a race. Being Jewish technically means that you practice Judaism and I wonder if all 6 million that were killed during The Holocaust did practice that or if they simply had the similar features of what Hitler determined Jews to be. I find myself wondering if I was not taught properly because anytime I mention that Jews are a religion and not a race I seem to get push back from people. Either I was improperly taught this or all the others who disagree were. It makes sent to me that the Jews are a religion as opposed to a race but maybe I will never truly know. Regardless, the bottom line is all of those people during that time were in danger. It also means we need to be self aware and never forget so that nothing like that happens again. The saddest thing is that the Frank family along with many others were found by the Nazis shortly after the Normandy invasion. The thought they were going to end up being saved, however, that was not the case. The only survivor was the father and he was the one who decided to have Anne’s diary/diaries published. I think after that experience I need to give Anne Frank’s diary a real try now. I’m at the age that it would resonate more with me than at the time it was first introduced to me. I can now actually comprehend what it was like during that time and I would take it more seriously. I know much more about the severity of WWII than I could comprehend at that young age. I can say it is definitely something students show be introduced to but probably when they are older, like in high school. Either way, it is an impactful account of what it was like to be a Jew in hiding. Hiding in fear of their lives. It is also an account of how it was living like that. Unable to use the bathroom at certain times and having to be quiet all the time. Living that whole time in hiding, not enjoying life. Trying to survive and outlast, only to still be found, captured, and eventually dying in a concentration camp. Hitler was a real fucking psycho. It’s crazy that he was able to have the power to have such heinous acts committed against people. It can never happen again. If it does, so help us all because we don’t know who the target will be should it ever happen again.

Yeah, the Anne Frank house was a heavy experience. It really drives home how awful the things that happened during that period were. I’m glad that I went there because I grew a much larger appreciation for Anne Frank’s diary. As I mentioned in the entry I just couldn’t get into it when I was introduced to it. Having been to the museum I have a deeper connection to it and feel it would be good for me to read now. I can say one thing, if you ever go to the Anne Frank house and come out of it feeling the same. You may not have a soul. It was how I found out I did.

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