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All is good now. What a shit show it ended up being for us to catch the hi speed train. Couldn’t buy tickets at a fucking ticket booth! The guy told us to go to a certain website to procure tickets. For some reason it wouldn’t take Jason’s card. Thankfully, it worked with Matt’s. Thus far France is a place I don’t care to visit again. We have come across some nice people but for the vast majority my original thoughts still stand. Hospitality has been a mixed bag here. Unlike Ireland where it’s always great. Due to my “scenic” route back to the hotel, Jason and Matt came back about a half hour after I had gotten back. They weren’t allowed to get into a couple places for reasons unknown. Glad I wasn’t there for that because that would’ve really pissed me off. I guess I will see what Paris has in store. I’m hoping we are able to go to Jim Morrison’s headstone. That’s the one thing I’m mostly looking forward to. To me it’s not the Eiffel Tower at all. It’ll be neat to see in person I guess but ultimately not the thing I’m interested in. I’m not interested in the Louvre either. I tend to try to stay away from most of the touristy things. Thankfully, Jason and Matt are pretty similar in that regard.

So, despite the argument my brother and I had the previous night, cooler heads prevailed and we ultimately all agreed it was best to take the hi speed train that departed at 8:30 a.m. It turned out to be a benefit when they weren’t deemed “Exclu-Seev” or in English “Exclusive”. That was what they had told me on the train when I further interrogated about the situation. They tried to go in as willing, paying patrons only to be to told that as they watched other people go in even though they were dressed similarly to them. No real rhyme or reason other than they noticed it was a younger crowd. Age discrimination apparently. They decided to head back after that incident. Who knows how late they could have stayed out had they been deemed Exclusive. It was a youthful nightlife in Aix and they planned to keep it that way it seems. It was nice for a visit but I don’t think I need to go back. They don’t want me anyways, I’m closing in on 38. I’m not Exclu-Seev.

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