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It’s been one week since I started this page. My goal when I started was to write and post something every day. I already failed that goal, and that’s okay. I have thought about it a lot though. I have decided to consider a success in learning instead. I missed posting up something on Friday and Saturday. I finally put up a new post yesterday. I was hell bent on writing another short story after I had written Writer’s Block. I spent a good chunk of Saturday writing a story. It just wasn’t coming together so I scrapped it for the time being. I had failed to finish the story. I had gotten personal with the story and wanted the character I created to suffer. That’s the reason Head and Shoulders goes to a dark and disturbing place. So, while I failed on writing the original story I it gave me insight that it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go. I started fresh and that was the better option. Failing is the easiest thing to do. It’s what makes us human.

Failure also creates many reactions. Failure is sometimes completely out of your control. Dealing with failing IS in your control. It can always be used as a tool to learn. You can even dissect it like the frog in biology class. SEE why you failed. Sometimes the failure is from unrealistic goals. Learn to adjust to a more realistic one to succeed. You failed due to lack of effort? Why did you not put the effort in? Is it because it is something that doesn’t interest you? You learned that you don’t like that subject. Did you fail despite doing your best? Take whatever reasons you were told you failed to heart and come back again stronger. If you truly enjoy something and want it enough, you will face failures but remember to learn from them. That is the true value of failing. Using it as a tool to not be denied. If you fail a million times getting to the top of the mountain you want to be on, who cares? I guarantee you won’t.

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