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Well, not a whole lot experienced last night. Jason had abruptly gotten sick and we headed back pretty early. We ended up staying up late and watching the Super Bowl. Congrats to the Chiefs, but the 49ers ultimately lost due to some poor coaching decisions in my opinion. Today we walked around the city most of the day. There is a small neighborhood that is considered “Free Town” they live by their own rules and the Danish government decided to avoid conflict and let them do their own thing. It was pretty cool to see all the buildings there. We didn’t see many people that seemed to live there but it was a neat ex

That is exactly how that entry ended. In my next entry I explain why it is cut off but if I tell you now it is repeating myself. It’s suspense! No better time for suspense than right now. The world is shutting down over an invisible and globally mutual enemy. COVID-19, which just started to rear it’s ugly head at the beginning of when I took this trip, is still all that is being talked about on the news. People are hoarding things when they shop. The biggest thing being toilet paper… I still don’t understand it. I think people need to be more considerate. This pandemic is showing the worst of people but I feel like it can also show the best. That’s a lot coming from me. I consider myself a realist but people think it’s usually negative. Truth is, reality is often not pretty. I want it to show the best, where instead of taking all of an item you pause to think, hey, there are many others that may need that and leave some for them you are doing great. You have an asshole but aren’t one. If you are one of the ones hoarding, keep in mind that no matter how much toilet paper you have you’ll be a dirty asshole until you clean up your act.

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