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Well, still in Lima (Barranco) and made no progress today as I had tied one on last night with Grant and two Irish girls we had met. Veronica and Eloise are their names. It was a long night that went into the early dawn.Grant actually went back to the hotel around 3:00 A.M. and I took a cab into Miraflores with the girls. We had a great time and went back to the hotel at around 6:00 A.M. They were staying in the same hotel and I ended up crashing with the two of them. No sexual contact but it was still nice laying in a full bed. I like weird stuff like that. When we finally got up and about we went into Miraflores again to check out the area some more and to get a bite to eat. We went and ate at a Burger King in a huge touristy plaza. It was like an outdoor mall in a way. It was very open spaced and only the stores were the places that had a roof. It was a beautiful location right near the ocean. We played some arcade games and went to see Zodiac at the movie theater. It was a good film. I now have also decided that I will be traveling a bit with the girls as they seemed to grow akin to me. Everything changes when you go on a journey. Most of my life I have strayed form set plans as anything can occur. I had some idea for planning on this trip and it has seem to have taken a course of its own. I’m not sure if I am going to travel until I have to go home with the girls or if I will branch off to do other things. I will just have to see I guess. I do prefer to travel in a pack though as it does make things more safe. I guess only time will tell. Thus far this trip has been great and I have never felt so free. I have already changed, as I already anticipate some other journey, maybe back to South America. It depends on how much I get done while I’m here on this trip. Well, it’s getting late and I should get some sleep now. Until next time…

As I read back on that entry I laugh at the absurdity of eating at a Burger King as opposed to something more cultural. I have evolved so much since then. I never went too far outside the box back then. If it was familiar that’s what I went for. I’m much more willing to try something new now. Another thing I notice from that entry is how I conveniently failed to even mention how I played a song after we had eaten dinner. There had been a man playing some songs. I had mentioned that I played and Grant wanted to hear me. He had no qualms going up and asking the guy if it were okay for me to play a song. He was very willing and offered me the guitar and the stool. While I can’t honestly recall how it came out (I’m thinking I bombed) I remember I played “In Your Eyes” it was a mix of Jeffrey Gaines cover and the original. Guitar parts were from the cover and I attempted to sing it like Peter Gabriel (Yeah right, dude). Perhaps it was on purpose I didn’t document it in the journal because I didn’t want to remember the performance. Either way, I can say I played a song in Peru. I’ve always struggled with self-esteem so I must have felt it wasn’t worth noting, yet the experience is still there. The memory is odd in how I can recollect that I did it but not the success of it. I’m sure alcohol was a large contributor to that. Knowing how I was back when I was 25 I’m certain it was a poor performance. I most likely screwed up during it and restarted it at least once. That seemed to be how it went for me back then. I’m thankful for how much I have matured. I no longer stop when I screw up when playing with my band. Granted, I didn’t have a band back then as it was just myself but it still was a horrendous habit to have. It’s amazing to see how horribly some of the entries are written also. They are pretty close to their originals but I have done light editing, mainly just removing the repetitive use of some of the same words. It seemed that I would repeat myself a lot and there ain’t nobody got time for that. Speaking of time, I’ll close for now by letting you know that there are some more hard lessons to come to yours truly.

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