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Currently sitting with Jason and Matt as they eat some oysters. I had a glass of champagne. We are seated outside and it’s a beautiful day as we sit by the port. Matt also ordered a couple of sea urchins. He told me try some. I refused at first but then he made a good point that it wouldn’t be good journalism unless I did. Therefore, in the name of journalism I had a little. I didn’t like it. I’m not much for seafood anyways but the urchin to me tasted like I just ate sea water. I suppose if you like salt you may like it. I’ve been observing a couple of people sitting nearby. One of them is a relatively attractive woman and the other is a man who looks older by perhaps a decade or so. I’ve created a story in my mind that she is a young aspiring artist and he is the professor taking the student out to lunch only to lead to seduction and a broken marriage for the professor. I don’t know why that’s the story I’ve created but it is what it is I guess. I suppose it’s because she seems to look at him and smiles often while they talk. He acts a bit more nonchalant and turns away now and again just driving her to want him more. I say she makes me think of her as an art student because she is wearing dark colors and jeans with rips in them. An outcast look it seems, which is why I think of an artist. Anyways, enough of my self made French soap opera. I suppose I should give the guys some input on where to go next.

Where we stayed in Marseille was gorgeous. We were fortunate to get a room by that was on the street right by the marina/seaport. There was also a castle in the distance up on a mountain or hill that looked a lot like the castle from Beauty and the Beast. I did some research and apparently it’s not, it was taken from some other castle in France. When I looked that castle up it made no sense to me. The castle in Marseille, to me, looks more like it than the one they supposedly modeled it after. I know it takes place in France but am not sure exactly where. The version of Beauty and the Beast I am referring to is the animated Disney version. The one I was tortured to watch on damn near a daily basis thanks to my little sister who is 7 years younger. Overall, it was funny to look out from the hotel window to see that castle up there and the first thought that popped in my head was that it was the Beast’s castle. I’ll let you judge from the photos I took. Hopefully you’ll agree and won’t think I’m crazy. We only had that night and about half the day in Marseille so we didn’t really explore too much of it. Our next destination was going to be the small city/town of Aix, pronounced ex. Matt had done some research on some of the place in France so he was more or less the guiding force on where we headed to in France and that was a place he had wanted to check out. So, later on in the day we took a bus that took us there. What would that small neighborhood hold in store for us?

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