Basket of Thoughts

Thoughts from my mind to the internet

Here I am! Being disciplined and hitting the damn keys. When I started this blog the intent was just to get writing again and to throw it out to the masses… Now, that doesn’t mean there are masses that are seeing it. I just mean in terms of getting it out there so whoever wants to see it can. Throwing it out into the universe so to speak. Over the course of writing on here, the things I’ve written have been all over the place. Some short stories, a lot of my thoughts and opinions on things, as well as a couple of travel journals. I don’t have any particular niche really. I like to write about whatever and that’s the whole purpose of this really. To work my thoughts out. Get shit off my chest. Get the flow going. Keep grinding it out. I want everything to be quality but at the same time not everything on here is going to blow your socks off. This one sure isn’t blowing mine off. Again, its just to get it out there and get flowing. It’s the practice. Anyways,I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read these ramblings. I hope they at least entertain in a way, even if it doesn’t always put me in the best light. One thing’s for sure. It’s not bullshit, I tell you exactly what I think. Sometimes you might like it. Sometimes you won’t. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. While it is out there for everyone to see, in the long run it’s really for me.

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