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It had been another long night of drunken shenanigans and I found myself separated from my brother and our friend. It was of my own doing, I got caught up chasing tail. Once I found out that the prospect still lived with their parents, I decided it was time to head back to where I was staying. I walked across the bridge and wandered along. In my drunken stupor I hadn’t even noticed I had gotten way off track. I began to look around and realized I had somehow found myself walking through what appeared to be some sort of college campus. The buildings were medieval looking and the road was dark. There didn’t appear to be a soul in sight. Shit, I was way off the beaten path. I had zero idea where or how to get back to the hotel. At the time I didn’t have a smart phone so I couldn’t use a GPS. Finally, out of nowhere I came across another person. He was a small skinny Indian guy. I flagged him down and told him I was lost. I felt bad for I had alarmed him and he seemed frightened by me at first. I have wondered since then, if he had been threatened or attacked in the past. Anyways, he was as clueless to help me as I was to help myself. Then, a chariot of the Gods came in the shape of a random taxi driving down the street. The Indian guy helped me out by flagging him down. I jumped in and the driver asked where I was going. I told him I honestly didn’t know but that my hotel was by The Gold Rush. That was the only thing I clearly remembered as a landmark as it was a place that was across the street of the hotel.

“Which one?” he asked.

Come to find out it was a chain of slot machine casinos and there were a few of them in Cork. I told him I wasn’t sure and we drove around for about a half hour until finally we found where I was staying. I discovered the next day that unbeknownst to me there are two rivers in Cork. I had gone over the wrong bridge that night. Combine that with my bad sense of direction, you have a damn lost fool.

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