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She woke up shivering, her face throbbing with pain. She gently touched the swelling wincing at first contact. Her right eye was nearly swollen shut from her cheek bone up. She could see just a little through the split in her eyelashes. Her hip was badly bruised from the fall she had taken. Slowly, she got up and looked around her surroundings. She targeted the area of the rock facade that she felt had the best places to grip. It was only about 10 feet but it still exhausted her. She laid on top after the climb breathing heavily, wincing each time. She wished she was home up north in Canada. She needed medical attention but she wouldn’t be greeted with open arms. Her visa was expired and she was living illegally in Maine. She had spent the past several weeks partying it up with the famous author Rory Scott. She admired his work and was beyond flattered when he had hit on her. They had met at the Bear’s Den one night. She had been working there under the table as a bartender and he happened to come in for a drink. He asked if she wanted to hang out after she was off work and the rest was history.

After regaining her strength she got back up and started to walk through the woods. She was hoping she was heading in the right direction. She stumbled through the woods and came to a clearing. She couldn’t believe it but she had found herself in the huge backyard of Rory’s estate. She could see the house in the distance.

She looked through the windows and found no signs of life. She tried the front door and it was locked. She was already in pain so a little more was nothing. She punched the glass on the front door and reached through to unlock the door. When she got inside she couldn’t believe it hadn’t been cleaned up. She walked in the kitchen and saw the blood… Her blood, his blood still on the tile floor. It enraged her and she looked around the house for a towel. She found one on the towel rack in the bathroom. She proceeded to clean the mess up throwing the blood soaked towel in the trash. She grabbed an ice pack out of the freezer and put it to her face to try to help with the swelling. She turned on the t.v. and laid on the couch. Trying to nurse herself to health.

The timing was impeccable and she shot up quickly when she saw the advertisement.


“That son of a bitch! He is stealing MY story! ” She screamed aloud.

She timed her entrance to the Dover-Foxcroft Library perfectly. She was going to be the last face he saw. That’s how she wanted it to be. God forbid that he remember her name but he sure as hell was going to remember her face. The face that he had made by smashing it onto the tile floor. She didn’t care about being apprehended by the the police. She was simply out to get revenge.

She nearly got distracted as the lady in front of her, while leaving with her signed copy, gave her a look of disgust. It enraged her and it nearly broke her focus to kill him as she was tempted to kill her. She quickly refocused on the task at hand sliding a copy of the book in front of him. He was only looking down at the book as it slid. He slightly hesitated signing the book as if something caught his attention. He finished signing and looked up.

The look on his face was all she ever wanted. She grabbed the knife she had brought with her from Rory’s kitchen and slashed it quickly across his throat. He even appeared to offer himself willingly as he lifted his head up, exposing the length of his neck and closing his eyes. Blood poured out of the wound as Rory slumped over the table gurgling his final breaths before bleeding out.

Before Rory slumped over she reminded him one last time her name was Lisa.

Screams echoed in her ears almost immediately after. She turned around and it was the lady who had given her the nasty look. Perfect, she thought now she can kill this lady. As she started to try to attack the lady she hit the floor dead. The lady had pinpoint aim as she shot her in the head from the hip.

Unfortunately for Lisa, she didn’t notice the Proud Member of the NRA hat the lady was wearing.

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