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I may have went a bit hard in the paint yesterday on those whom voted for Trump. I should clarify a little about that. The ones it was really directed towards are those loyalist scum. The ones that think anything derogatory about him is “fake news”. Those are the ones that it is directed towards. I don’t have any tolerance for those that are so maliciously fucking dumb. It is really a hazard. Events like this almost make me think that hmmm… maybe there is a God and even He’s had enough of this stupidity. The movie “Idiocracy” was supposed to be a work of fiction but it looks more like it was a prediction at the rate we are going. As you can tell, I am at the very end of my rope with this administration at the moment. The more frustrating thing is how he somehow has unwavering support. I simply just don’t get it. Some people claim, well, he’s doing what he said he would. Well, read yesterday’s blog because truth is he’s not. He hasn’t done anything about draining the swamp as he says. He’s turned the swamp into an outright sewer. Oh, how much has Mexico paid for this beautiful wall that they are trying to build? Oh, I believe that would be fucking nothing. I’m just sick and tired of the blatant willingness to turn a blind eye to some of the shit that’s been said and done by this president. No cares for anything other than himself and people seem to lap that shit right up. I don’t know I guess I just can’t relate to them. I can deal with a crass president that doesn’t bother me a bit. In fact, I can understand that draw. It’s the narcissism and complete lack of truth that he represents I simply can not stand for. I remember shortly after he was elected Kelly Ann Conway speaking about “Alternative Facts” that should have been the first sign to everyone that we were in for at least 4 years of complete and utter bullshit. Facts are facts, there’s no alternative just because it doesn’t match with what you want to think. I believe there’s some sort of saying where if you tell a lie enough times it becomes truth. Let’s not get to that point, please. If you do, well that’s sort of how the Holocaust started. Lies. If you want that to happen again, well by all means we are bound for it if we continue to be listening the bullshit. The worst thing is that I am aware there is a lot of fake shit out there and that is what makes this whole thing worse. Trump isn’t 100% wrong when he had first brought up fake news. The problem is that there are hack journalists out there that write bullshit. I don’t like that either. That needs to stop, because all it does is give the slightest bit of credibility to the least credible person around. I want to believe people are better. It’s sad that there’s a large majority that make me think otherwise. Please prove me wrong.

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