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I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast today at work today and he was talking with independent journalist, Tim Poole. While listening to the topics they discussed, which was really all over the map, it made my brain click as I thought of how things have changed so much in the last 20 years. I started thinking of some of the new terms and things that are said/written now and how much they fucking irritate me. I guess you could say they “Trigger” me. A term that seems to be used now for people that get pissed off about something, usually something political. That is one that pisses me off because it’s fucking stupid. I’m not triggered, fuckface. I’m pissed off, or if we want to be a little more soft, angry. Another one I really can’t stand is “Woke”. How that term came to be, I don’t know but basically it means being aware not to hurt people’s feelings regarding many things such as sex, race, gender, etc. The thing that pisses me off about woke is that it is more than a word but a movement in the sense of being a social justice warrior. This movement has then led to a cancel culture where people can be targeted for things that people think offended certain groups of people and it can be shit that had been said several years ago and in some cases has ruined some people’s careers. As I continue writing this post, I realize that it circles back to my previous post in regards to technology and being dumbed down. Not only does it dumb you down but now it’s an archive for all the woke trolls to sift through shit people have mentioned in the past. Trolls, another term that is useless to me. What happened to just calling people that suck, an asshole? Now, it seems they are called trolls. Mostly the term applies to people on the internet who are complete losers and have nothing better to do than start shit. It’s so easy for people to talk shit nowadays because they can do it from thousands of miles away and don’t have to deal with the possibility of saying it to someone’s face and getting their ass beat. Everyone’s a tough guy when they don’t have to face the person they are putting down. Moving on, as I think of it, this surge of change in our culture has changed the movies that come out now… I just thought of it because I watched Predator the other night. The 1987 original classic. In the beginning of the movie they are talking on the choppa and Blaine (played by Jesse Ventura) is offering chewing tobacco to the other guys and they all seem to refuse and he states “Nothing but a bunch of slack jawed, faggots in here. This shit’ll make you a sexual tyrannosaurus. Just like me.” If you’re woke, you’re going to try to cancel me for that. Well, it’s not something I said I just quoted a movie. The reason I bring that specific quote from the movie is glaringly obvious. It had been so long since I had seen the movie it clicked in my head that the way things are going. There will never be a dialogue like that in a movie these days. The Woke will come down on them and the movie would get cancelled. Also, there’s not many original ideas anymore. They do nothing but remakes… they all fucking suck. I hope that some day the woke will go back to sleep.

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