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It’s been awhile. I have so many things I think about during the day at work and by the time I get home they’re gone. Fleeting thoughts and lack of ambition have plagued me, along with self doubt. You can add lack of direction as well. When I had written the first short story I posted on here it got stuck in head that I should write a short story everyday. Well, that was a damn foolish thing to think because that’s hard to do when you work a full time job. When I write a story, I want to start it and end it in the same session. Perhaps it’s not the best thing to do but that’s what seems to work for me. I just let things flow.

I do get stuck though because while I am writing, I am re-reading and also editing at the same time and that can sometimes divert my mind from what’s going on in the story. When I had written Head and Shoulders I started to get stuck. I knew where I wanted to go with it but getting there was the tricky thing for me. I took a break and jumped in the shower and that’s when I had a thought strike me that changed the way the story went. The lightbulb went off in my head and I ran with it after I was done in the shower.

Going back to my lame excuses of why I haven’t written in awhile, I will touch back on the self doubt. It creeped in my head that no one really gives a damn about what I have to say on here and that the stories are what people want. So I am thinking of stories to write and there are some brewing in between my ears. There may not be much else in there but there are some story ideas. Hopefully, I can write one tomorrow but we will see. I have a gig tomorrow night but it’s not till the evening so I hope I can write one in the morning. It turns out that I was wrong to have self doubt. Wednesday night after practice the drummer in my band said “Oh, hey, I read some of your stuff. I liked reading your thoughts about things.”

So here we are, just a little boost of encouragement and I’m writing thoughts again. Also, last night my little sister called me and asked when my next short story was coming. Hopefully tomorrow.

I’m trying to think of what else I wanted to write about… Well, I guess it’s suiting for the title to be fleeting thoughts because off they went again like butterflies in the breeze. They may flee but I won’t. Again, hopefully a story for tomorrow. Have a good night everyone and I appreciate you for reading.

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