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Hello, and thank you for entering into this journey of the unknown. I have created this blog so that the fire of my passion for writing doesn’t dwindle to ash. There will be no specific topic or any agenda to the blogs that are posted on here. This is simply what I consider a basket of thoughts. Some days I could put up a review of a movie, a book, video game, or something else. Other days it could be just a venting journal entry. Either way, I am not sure where these posts will lead me. Again, I thank you for checking it out. I hope that you can relate, be entertained, maybe even encouraged by whatever things I may post. Stay tuned for the next time when I unload my basket of thoughts. NRS

The extra “F” is intentional. If you read enough of these posts you know I’m calculating with some of these things I write. You also probably know what it represents as well. It shouldn’t take (insert preferable genius, here) to figure it out. If you need me to tell you, I will, and with pride. To spell it all out, Thank God It’s Fucking Friday! Sometimes you just have to say fuck. It feels good. I enjoy it and I use it very liberally. I know that turns off some people but I guess I wouldn’t be your kind of people. I’m okay with that because you likely aren’t mine, either. So, the feeling’s mutual, bub. Anyways, moving on before I forget what this whole thing was supposed to be about. To sum it up, I’m fucking fed up with my work. I’ve got things I’m working on to try to get out. I’ve started a company but it’s taking some time to get off it’s feet. I have complete confidence that once I start getting clients that it will take off. I’m well aware of my skills and knowledge and I firmly believe once it gets known I’ll have steady business. I could be completely wrong but I have a good feeling about it despite it being a slow launch. It has to take off, hell or high water I have to get out of where I am now. I’m fucking sick of feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders because I feel like only myself or my manger are the only ones that can actually fucking help most of our patients. I guess that in turn is why I feel like I’ll be successful with my business. I have high standards and I don’t like complaints… I don’t like complainers either but somehow I have found a skill or perhaps a gift to be able to turn around the most pissed off people and turn them to mush by the end of the conversation or encounter. People don’t like being dicked around, especially when it comes to their health or well being or that of a loved one. You have to be honest, and if you don’t know the answer you have to let them know you don’t and tell them as such. However, if you don’t have the answer you better sure as hell know who does because if you don’t you’ve lost. Personally, I never liked not having the answer so I put the work in to learning and retaining the information needed. No, I don’t know it all but if I need to I’m not scared to seek it out. Hard work is what people want and it is ultimately what drives success. I’ve had enough of putting hard work into someone else’s business just to see it all go to shit anyways. It’s time this hard work goes to my OWN business. If it fails, I’m the only one to blame and that’s how I like it.

I can’t be the only person asking this question in regards to the tragic, disgusting, violent shooting in Uvalde, Texas where multiple children and a couple teachers were killed. How many times do we have to see, hear about, or, be the unfortunate victim of events like these? The ones that have the ability to do things about it are doing nothing because of their fears of losing power within their political party. I’m tired of hearing about what seems to be damn near weekly at a minimum of some sort of gun violence. Yet, America doesn’t have a gun problem? Guns don’t kill people, the people pulling the trigger do, gun advocates will say. I honestly don’t get the fucking infatuation with guns in this country… It’s almost like to have guns is American or something. I understand it’s in the constitution but that fucking thing was written over 200 years ago. I understand the purpose of it to being to protect ourselves from the government. Well, I’m at the point where that narrative of government takeover if we didn’t have guns is something I would live with compared to nothing being done about it at all. Which I honestly feel nothing will be done. I recall growing up that at times all it took was one person to fuck all the fun up for everyone else. Mainly in school. A tactic to help keep the students behaved so that we could all enjoy some sort of privilege of some sort. I’m at the point where I do not believe that guns should be fucking a right anymore. I think they should be be put in the same category as privilege. Like driving. You have to take tests and education to get a license. What criteria is really needed to get a gun? To my knowledge you don’t need to take any kind of test. I feel there needs to be way more stringent efforts in being able to obtain one. This alone doesn’t solve the problem I am aware. If someone wants a gun they will typically find an illegal way to obtain it but for fuck sake, can’t we agree they should be harder to get via the legal measures currently in place? I don’t know. It’s just so frustrating to always see this shit happening. Anyways, I think that is all I have to say about it for now.

Well, well, well. The prodigal son returns. It has been way too long since I have posted on here. I feel guilty about it. No sense to continue to dwell on it now because at least I’m attempting to rectify the situation at hand. No one wants to read excuses and I don’t plan to give any. I just want to get down to brass tax and shoot from the hip. Lately I’ve been in an interesting spot mentally. I’m very disappointed with my job. Not because of the work of it but because of how I have seen the place take such a nose dive. I’ve been there for over 10 years. I guess in a sense I feel I’ve been duped. In the beginning I believed that they truly cared about customer service and helping our customers. Why wouldn’t you? It’s what should be the bread and butter of your business. I’m not going to go as far as the ridiculous saying that the customer is always right route, because let’s be real. The customer isn’t always right. Sometimes they’re a fucking asshole. As you read that you are probably judging me saying I must suck at customer service. Quite the contrary. I do well with it. I’ve dealt with said fucking assholes and at the end of dealing with them, had them eating out of my hand. That is customer service. Customer service was a large part of the company’s mission statement back then. Then, greed happened. The company started growing. Buying other smaller companies that were started to fail. As the company grew so did the complaints. However nothing changed and the company started to grow more. Then back in April, our company got bought by an even bigger company. Welcome to corporate America! You know what’s scarier? I work in healthcare! Isn’t that awesome knowing that greed means more than your health needs? It’s discouraging and disgusting. I worked my ass off for quite some time and honestly being a bit blinded by how bad our customer service had gotten. When I would hear complaints, I would shrug it off and internally defend the company. I would do that because I knew how good the relations were at the particular branch I worked at. This was due to the hard work and team work mostly between myself and my manager. As time has progressed, I would say it’s been the last 3 years or so that my eyes have been opened to just how awful the service is. I feel at this time that it is a moral issue for me working at this place. It’s a huge burden feeling like myself and my manager feel to be the only 2 people that are consistently dependable with our customers. No one else in the company feels to be at our level. WE have mangers that are fucking morons and somehow go from failing management in one department to managing another. Why are they still fucking here?? It’s a question I ask on a daily basis. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t give much of a fuck anymore. I still work and do my part but my heart is definitely not in it like it used to be. The sad thing is my half ass is better then the rest of the people’s full ass. I know that may sound egotistical and I hate that but what can I say? If you know your shit you know your shit. That is what makes it so hard for me to leave. My knowledge in the field. Sure I could go off to another company doing the same sort of thing but the sad part is they are all pretty much the same. Large with fuck off customer service. It’s sad because the reason they are so big is because that appears to be the only way to survive in this industry. If I were capable to create my own business in the field I would but there is a lot of red tape to go through. I can assure you. I’d have more fucking pride then to let mine get to the point of having a 1.3 star rating on google. I think that is about all I have to talk about now. This was cathartic and good for me. Probably not as entertaining to you but what the hell gotta start somewhere. I’ll be back soon. Love you.

I put a lot of anger and hate into this story and you can see it by the aggressive nature and graphic details of certain parts. I had written this as a way to personally resolve being wrongly done. Bob, was the actual name of the contractor that I bought my house from. The last name is fictional. Needless to say, he’s a piece of shit and honestly, I felt a lot better about things by writing this. The funny thing about it is that I had a totally different direction I had been thinking of for his demise originally. While I was trying to work out how to do it I took a break and jumped in the shower. While I was in the shower was when the direction I ended up going came to mind. My original thought was he was going to go to Thomas’ girlfriend’s house and end up getting put in prison for statutory rape. In prison he was then going to be getting screwed. Either way, the ultimate destination was him being violated. I decided to take a risk and go with the path I felt was the bigger twist. When I write these stories, I write it out and do some slight editing. Just enough so it’s readable. Truth is, I get excited when I create a story and I want to put it out there as quick as I can. I suppose I take a sense of pride in being able to write an, in my opinion pretty decent short story. I don’t think it’s something every one is able to do. It’s honestly the only thing I have any true confidence in. I also know that it’s not an easy trade to make money in. I’ve always been terrified of writing a legitimate novel. I worry my attention span isn’t made for something massive. I guess I never really have tried. I also worry about the attention span of a reader. How many books have you picked up and never finished? I know there have been many I’ve done that with. I feel having a niche in writing short stories combats the attention span issue. Anyways, speaking of attention spans it appears this insight has started to go off the rails. I’ll come back next post with another insight when I regain focus.

This was the first story I had published on here. It was also one of the first posts in general I had written on here. My first few posts were just really thoughts on things and my perspectives about a couple topics. When I wrote Writer’s Block I had made up my mind that I wanted to write a short story. It was one of my favorite things to write when I was younger and part of the reason I became a fan of writing in the first place. I felt I had some unique ideas and a knack for short stories. I guess in a sense I felt I had a gift with it. When I was real young I could whip up stories out of nowhere. Were they great? No, not really but they were the building blocks to giving me confidence for something I felt I had the ability to do. The title for the story was simple as at this time I literally felt I had a writer’s block. I was staring blankly at the screen, struggling to think of an idea. I said hell with it let’s call a spade a spade and I wrote in the title. Then the story came into focus. I essentially started to write about how I felt about myself in a sense. In the past I didn’t seem to have issues with coming up with a story and here I was trying to do what I had always seemed to be able to do and it wasn’t happening. The idea then came to me to write a story about an extremely talented writer who takes his ability for granted. To be truthful, the ability that Rory has in the story is the ability I felt I had when I was younger with the exception of them being best sellers. In school I took a class called writing lab and it was the easiest class in the world. Literally, there wasn’t any instruction the teacher just said write. I would spend the first bit of time exploring my mind for ideas and once one would come I would just start typing. I had written countless different short stories during that time. The only issue with short stories is that I don’t always throw in the best details. My tactic is to provide a bit of a template and have the reader put their own image of the character in their mind. I don’t like telling people what to do and I feel like that’s what you do sometimes with vivid detail. Don’t get me wrong, vivid details are great but I suppose the truth is I struggle with conviction on what I think the character’s look like and therefore leave it open to interpretation. I do like to write about dark things it seems so usually there is violence or death involved in many of the stories I write. I’m not sure why that is. I also like to try to throw a twist of some kind in. I try to hide it well but I never know how surprised the reader actually gets when things unfold. I suppose it’s hard for me to relate being the author and knowing what’s going to end up happening so for me it’s not a surprise. Either way, I hope that when I add those twists they do catch the reader by surprise. There are definitely things I could do to make it a better story such as adding some more details and doing a bit more editing. I likely won’t as that would defeat part of the purpose of these insights. Part of it is for you, the reader to get some insight on the story and my thought process on it. The other part is me reviewing the work and seeing where I can make things better and to improve on future stories. Well, that about wraps up the insight on this story.

It’s been far too long since I’ve written on here. I had the itch so here I am. Oddly enough, typing this shit from my phone. Not sure where my wife put the laptop so I need to ask her when she gets up. Needless to say, this is not my preferred way of doing this but nonetheless we must adapt. I really just wanted to post to let everyone know that yes, I still do this but just have had a drought. I don’t really want to talk about politics much anymore just because it’s an endless war on that front. I do however have some ideas of other stuff to write about. I thought about doing some, what I’ll call author insights on the stories I have written on here. Sort of a storytellers about the story and where the idea came from and such. Not sure if you’ll like it or not but I figure until I write another story it would be best for others to know where the ideas came from on some of my stories. Anyways, I hope everyone’s well and I look forward to posting more in the future. Take care.

Gordon snapped awake as if struck by lightning. His heart was racing and sweat was beaded above his brow. He felt gratitude and relief as he looked over and saw his wife, Charlotte sleeping beside him. What an intense nightmare, he thought to himself shaking his head. He peeled back the curtain to observe the beautiful starting rays of dawn. He was snapped out of his fixation of the sunrise by hearing his 4 year old son, Thomas, come into the room. “Dada.” He said as he walked towards Gordon.

Gordon smiled and picked him up. “C’mon buddy, it’s early and mommy’s still asleep. Let me put you back to bed for just a little longer.”

“Ok.” Thomas replied.

Gordon couldn’t believe it. He was never usually this willing to go back to bed. He brought Thomas down the hall to his bedroom and put him in bed. He kissed him on the forehead and told him he would wake him for breakfast. After putting Thomas back in bed he put on a bathrobe and his slippers and headed to the kitchen. He made his morning coffee and felt drawn to go outside. He stepped out and the sun was a beautiful orange ball as it crested over the horizon. It’s gonna be a beautiful day he said to himself smiling. He was amazed how great and positive he had felt. It was as if everything was perfect and there was no changing his mind on that. Oddly, he couldn’t even recall the nightmare that had startled so much to wake him. He looked down the street and saw a 12 or 13 year old boy riding his bike and delivering newspapers. He couldn’t recall the last time seeing this and it put a smile on his face. The boy rode closer and as he approached Gordon’s driveway yelled “Catch!”

It was a perfect toss and Gordon caught it with ease one handed. Gordon was not only impressed with his catch but with the boy’s throw. Gordon bit onto the newspaper and pulled the bag off put it in his bathrobe pocket and flipped the paper so he could read the headline. His jaw dropped and he also dropped his coffee mug and it broke on his stairs. The headline he read was Tragic Car Crash Takes Family Of Three.

Hearing the coffee mug break, the paper boy turned around and yelled “What? You don’t think there’s news in the after life?”

I’m stull furious from the events that occurred the other day. I’m furious because it could have all been prevented. Now, I wasn’t around while Nixon was president but from what I have learned is he was a pretty shit president. I find it hard if it pales to comparison of how the last 4 years have been with Trump at the helm. The thing that kept the cocaine hype of support during the last 4 years was the economy. Greed showed it’s evil and reared it’s ugly head. While Trump was running for president Republicans had ridiculed him for being a liar and being untrustworthy. Yet once he was in office they lined up like groupies waiting to suck Tommy Lee’s dick. It was baffling and disgusting to see and it was a slow gradual build up to the events that have happened over the last four years. Ultimately leading to the Capitol Building being breached by force. Slowly, surely, lie, upon lie, upon lie, stacked into a tower to create a shadow of darkness. It’s in that darkness where people, stewed by a constant, toxic, rhetoric of division and lies. One of the first lies told was everything negative reported regarding him was FAKE NEWS. The next lies that added up were constant lies regarding political matters always blaming the other side for America’s problems. These claims started to create a division that had been growing as it was but blew them up significantly. On top of lies, he would repeatedly provide support for horrible acts done in support of him and only denouncing ones that didn’t. Charlottesville comes to mind as an example. Throughout the last 4 years there was a lot of unrest. A true leader would do something about it and recognize it. Instead of stoking flames and only catering to those who support them, they are willing to take the heat on their feet if needed. That is what true leaders do. Never, not once did Trump take accountability for any wrong doing during any of his term. There’s a laundry list of it. Yet, the greed and power caused many of the Republicans to turn a blind eye and still follow along. Even before the election happened, Trump was talking about if he lost it would only be because it was rigged. Then, he did lose. In a fit, like we all knew would happen he refused to concede and hired the unhinged Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer to prove and show all the election fraud. Then you had several of those who supported him and wanted him to remain president start stating all the fraud they saw. Case after case presented to the courts and to judges, many whom had been appointed by Trump tossed out. Tossed out because there was no real evidence. Yet, knowingly some Republicans doubled down on a disgusting lie of mass election fraud and that the election was rigged. Doubled down on a lie that these objections could change the certification of the election. All of those who were responsible in supporting these blatant and inflammatory lies should be held accountable and they should resign in my opinion. It is disgusting and on the 6th it was proven that lies can kill. Shame on you, most notably Senator Cruz, Hawley, Scott, and all the other jack offs that supported the fascist we just had. Fuck off bootlickers.

A truly disgusting display by desperate losers happened today. The peaceful protest in objection to the certification of the presidential election turned out to just be a coup. A coup to try to overthrow the government is all I can try to presume. It’s disgusting to see my former countrymen act this way. I say former because in my opinion those that stormed into the Capitol Building are traitors. Those on the outskirts that did not break in and truly were peaceful are not. They were exercising their right to peaceful assembly. Even more disgusting is the president telling them to march down to the Capitol and encouraging it. Trump should also be tried for treason due to this. It is appalling that these people actually think the democrats are the fascists. The truly scary thing about this is, if they resort to this during the electoral votes being certified. How the hell are they going to react during the inauguration? This is absolutely insane! How warped so many people have become. They simply can not accept the fact their guy lost. It is shameful, it is disgusting. This is nothing to be proud of. If you don’t like Hitler you must stop believing what Trump says. Trump is telling the big lie about election fraud and repeating it over and over and over and therefore you have been believing it. That was Hitler’s tactic and a quote of his even. Another of his quotes is “It is not truth that matters, but victory.” Sounds an awful like what Trump is trying to attempt. Be smart and don’t let it happen. Learn from history for once and let’s not repeat it.

Here we are. My first post in 2021 and what a topic to discuss. Fraud. We’ve been hearing plenty about that these days haven’t we? So let’s get into. To start let me provide the definition of fraud. Fraud – Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain or a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities. That is verbatim from google searching it. So bearing that in mind let’s go forward with my train of thought. I have seen posts on social media speculating how the flu is down and COVID is going up. Among the comments within I have seen many people stating that its because they get more money for COVID therefore they aren’t even testing for the flu. While they may get more compensation for COVID they can’t just say you have it and go on their way. Do you know why? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the topic of this whole post. Yes, that’s right. It is fraud if you bill for treatment of something that someone doesn’t have. I know from first hand experience. I worked for a guy who was nailed for Medicare fraud. It didn’t end well. He lost everything, but that’s the price you pay when you get caught. That’s the price health care providers will eventually pay if they intentionally try to do it as well, so if they enjoy their livelihood I don’t think they are chomping at the bit to bill everything as COVID. Moving on from that debate, we go into the real meat of what I wanted to discuss. The whole charade that Trump is pulling in regards to the election and how it was a fraud election and rigged. Now, he has a coalition of Republicans that are going to object the certification results. This is the stuff that infuriates me. Everyone towing in line behind a man who is an actual fraud. He’s a fraud claiming a fraud happened. Granted he should know all about it as that is his whole life but the truth is, he has been the one all along trying to rig the election. He even resorted to intimidation tactics by calling the Georgia Secretary of State and telling him to find 11,780 votes which is one over he would need to win… I’m sorry, isn’t that fraud? Trying to have votes come out of nowhere so you can win? This coming from a man who had to settle a lawsuit over a fraudulent university he had. Does anyone remember that? Everyone’s cool with that and thinks he’s Honest Abe? Give me fucking break, the dude lies on top of lies. This is exactly why I know there isn’t widespread voter fraud to sway the election. If there was, it was on his side. He told his supporters to vote twice when he spoke at his rallies for fuck sake! Don’t we all know that if he had legitimately won there wouldn’t have even been a peep about fraud? It is discouraging to see how many people believe this fucking asshole even more so support him. I encourage you to read that definition again and do some research on Trump. I’ll be damned if a picture of him wouldn’t be the same fucking thing.

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