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I’m stull furious from the events that occurred the other day. I’m furious because it could have all been prevented. Now, I wasn’t around while Nixon was president but from what I have learned is he was a pretty shit president. I find it hard if it pales to comparison of how the last 4 years have been with Trump at the helm. The thing that kept the cocaine hype of support during the last 4 years was the economy. Greed showed it’s evil and reared it’s ugly head. While Trump was running for president Republicans had ridiculed him for being a liar and being untrustworthy. Yet once he was in office they lined up like groupies waiting to suck Tommy Lee’s dick. It was baffling and disgusting to see and it was a slow gradual build up to the events that have happened over the last four years. Ultimately leading to the Capitol Building being breached by force. Slowly, surely, lie, upon lie, upon lie, stacked into a tower to create a shadow of darkness. It’s in that darkness where people, stewed by a constant, toxic, rhetoric of division and lies. One of the first lies told was everything negative reported regarding him was FAKE NEWS. The next lies that added up were constant lies regarding political matters always blaming the other side for America’s problems. These claims started to create a division that had been growing as it was but blew them up significantly. On top of lies, he would repeatedly provide support for horrible acts done in support of him and only denouncing ones that didn’t. Charlottesville comes to mind as an example. Throughout the last 4 years there was a lot of unrest. A true leader would do something about it and recognize it. Instead of stoking flames and only catering to those who support them, they are willing to take the heat on their feet if needed. That is what true leaders do. Never, not once did Trump take accountability for any wrong doing during any of his term. There’s a laundry list of it. Yet, the greed and power caused many of the Republicans to turn a blind eye and still follow along. Even before the election happened, Trump was talking about if he lost it would only be because it was rigged. Then, he did lose. In a fit, like we all knew would happen he refused to concede and hired the unhinged Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer to prove and show all the election fraud. Then you had several of those who supported him and wanted him to remain president start stating all the fraud they saw. Case after case presented to the courts and to judges, many whom had been appointed by Trump tossed out. Tossed out because there was no real evidence. Yet, knowingly some Republicans doubled down on a disgusting lie of mass election fraud and that the election was rigged. Doubled down on a lie that these objections could change the certification of the election. All of those who were responsible in supporting these blatant and inflammatory lies should be held accountable and they should resign in my opinion. It is disgusting and on the 6th it was proven that lies can kill. Shame on you, most notably Senator Cruz, Hawley, Scott, and all the other jack offs that supported the fascist we just had. Fuck off bootlickers.

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