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Had a pleasant surprise this morning as I had received the loan I had applied for. Now, I need to conserve what I have while killing time. I think I am going to book a trip into the pampas. I may actually take the 3 day boat trip to kill some more time depending on the price. I know it would be $90 which would include round trip bus, shelter, food, and a 3 day 2 night tour of the pampas. If the boat trip is reasonable I’ll do it just to cut some time off my remaining 12 days. It would cut my time in half, actually, more than that. Let’s figure this out. If I left the 14th, that gives me 10 days. 3 days of touring in the pampas give me 4 days, one day to get back to La Paz. That’s 3 days and possibly 2 to get back to Lima, leaving one day. It would be tight but could work perfect if everything goes as planned, which obviously nothing has yet. Perhaps I should stay safe and take the bus. I’ll talk to the agent tomorrow and see what he thinks may work but it depends on how often the bus leaves to Lima. I hope it will gel either way. Oh, and I’m on my own again as Terra and Kim left to Uyuni tonight. It was nice meeting them and I hope to keep in contact with them in the future. Maybe we can all meet again in the future for another journey into South America.

Reading out the math on that entry doesn’t translate to sounding like reasonable sense. My flight home was on July 24th so that will help if you care to try to figure it out with the journal. If not, I don’t blame you, math sucks… just take my word for it. I was in financial survival mode as I had received the loan and it was for $300 so I wanted that to be the last of my financial woes. That was why I was trying to kill time so that I could try to idle out what I would have left and limp back home. Whatever could kill time and included food and shelter in the price seemed like my best option.

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