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On the train heading towards Hamburg. It is actually the second train, as we had to switch to another in order to get there. Matt is now also sick. It’s a little alarming seeing how all we’ve been hearing about on the news is this damn Coronavirus. I don’t think that’s what’s going on though. I think I got sick and in turn Matt probably got it from me. On another note, I wanted to reflect a little more on Amsterdam. There was a really cool bar that was in the Red Light District called The Excalibur. It was a great Rock n’ Roll bar. It was a place that Lemmy from Motorhead frequented. There were several pictures of him there. I also saw a picture of Scott Weiland. It was just a fun bar to be at. Now, onto the Red Light District in general. It’s not as dirty and drab as people may think. It was lit up and yes, there were some drug peddlers there but they didn’t push too hard. There are also several windows or booths that had lights and the sex workers stood in those as advertisement. Sometimes, tapping on the glass to get your attention to try to get business. Sorry girls, I’m married. It was a neat experience and I wonder if that’s something helps to keep some crime down. There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with a loaded gun. I don’t mean that in the literal sense. Being a man, I know what it can be like wanting to get your rocks off and when you can’t it can put you in a foul mood. It’s nature. Also, another thing I noticed is they arent scared to shut someone off if they think they’re too drunk. I saw someone get shut off last night. I think of all the times I’ve been to Ireland I’ve only seen it once. That was a gimmie though because they were so drunk that while pouring the bottle of beer into the glass, they didn’t even do that. They just poured it all over the counter of the bar. I’m looking out the window at the German country side. It’s green and pretty similar to Ireland in a way. I just got thinking about it. I think in the future I’d like to do a sort of WWII trip. Go and see some of the concentration camps and such. Jason has been to one that’s about an hour away from where he is currently living in Austria. He told me that the stuff they did there was unthinkable. Experiments on people and pulling out their teeth if they had gold in them. He also told me that Hitler would have them do things on twins and would see the reaction on one if they did something to the other. Some really fucked up shit. Ever since the Anne Frank house I’ve been intrigued to really learn more about that time period. I guess with how horrible it was it just seems like it wasn’t real. You don’t want to believe it’s real. Unfortunately, all the evidence and the accounts of that time, prove it really was.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done much to delve deeper into things related to WWII since I’ve been back from this trip. I have it bookmarked in my brain to delve into when I really feel inspired. That’s how a procrastinator’s brain works. At least that’s how mine does. I will say when it’s time for the lights to come on I tend to tighten up and perform my best. It’s the way I went through high school. I never was really interested in some of the things I learned so those subjects I didn’t grade as well in. The things I did like I excelled at. Some classes had a certain structure that I could take advantage of. The one that really sticks out was Sociology I believe that was the name of the class. The teacher had the class designed so that he would have everything we tested on was out of our text book. We would have a homework packet that was due at the end of the week and then the next class we would have a test. I slept that whole class and still aced it. Why? Because I could. I would wait until the night before the homework packet was due and do it all. It was all fresh in my mind from doing it the night before and the teacher didn’t lie. Everything on the test was what I had read. Easy fuckin’ peasy. I had a fellow student come up to me rather agitated and ask ” How the fuck are you acing this class!? You sleep the whole time!” I told him what I did and he just walked off in disbelief. Who ever said procrastination was a bad thing?

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