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This was the first story I had published on here. It was also one of the first posts in general I had written on here. My first few posts were just really thoughts on things and my perspectives about a couple topics. When I wrote Writer’s Block I had made up my mind that I wanted to write a short story. It was one of my favorite things to write when I was younger and part of the reason I became a fan of writing in the first place. I felt I had some unique ideas and a knack for short stories. I guess in a sense I felt I had a gift with it. When I was real young I could whip up stories out of nowhere. Were they great? No, not really but they were the building blocks to giving me confidence for something I felt I had the ability to do. The title for the story was simple as at this time I literally felt I had a writer’s block. I was staring blankly at the screen, struggling to think of an idea. I said hell with it let’s call a spade a spade and I wrote in the title. Then the story came into focus. I essentially started to write about how I felt about myself in a sense. In the past I didn’t seem to have issues with coming up with a story and here I was trying to do what I had always seemed to be able to do and it wasn’t happening. The idea then came to me to write a story about an extremely talented writer who takes his ability for granted. To be truthful, the ability that Rory has in the story is the ability I felt I had when I was younger with the exception of them being best sellers. In school I took a class called writing lab and it was the easiest class in the world. Literally, there wasn’t any instruction the teacher just said write. I would spend the first bit of time exploring my mind for ideas and once one would come I would just start typing. I had written countless different short stories during that time. The only issue with short stories is that I don’t always throw in the best details. My tactic is to provide a bit of a template and have the reader put their own image of the character in their mind. I don’t like telling people what to do and I feel like that’s what you do sometimes with vivid detail. Don’t get me wrong, vivid details are great but I suppose the truth is I struggle with conviction on what I think the character’s look like and therefore leave it open to interpretation. I do like to write about dark things it seems so usually there is violence or death involved in many of the stories I write. I’m not sure why that is. I also like to try to throw a twist of some kind in. I try to hide it well but I never know how surprised the reader actually gets when things unfold. I suppose it’s hard for me to relate being the author and knowing what’s going to end up happening so for me it’s not a surprise. Either way, I hope that when I add those twists they do catch the reader by surprise. There are definitely things I could do to make it a better story such as adding some more details and doing a bit more editing. I likely won’t as that would defeat part of the purpose of these insights. Part of it is for you, the reader to get some insight on the story and my thought process on it. The other part is me reviewing the work and seeing where I can make things better and to improve on future stories. Well, that about wraps up the insight on this story.

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