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Arrived in Hamburg yesterday afternoon. It’s a big city similar to how Paris was. The people have seemed friendly but it’s a dirty city. Trash on the streets and once again we have come across dog shit on the sidewalks. Matt stayed in as he was still feeling ill. Jason and I went out and walked around to try to find a good rock n’ roll bar. We came across many it seemed but the kicker is that all the bars still allow smoking. I’m a former smoker and in my 20’s it wouldn’t have bothered me but now I can’t stand the smell of it. Jason doesn’t like it either so it seems we may have found a dud in staying in Hamburg. You never know unless you try though. I know I keep talking about it, but there are a couple funny things that I haven’t documented in regards to Amsterdam. While walking around the Red Light District, off one of the side streets there was a huge church. Also, we walked past Christian Hostels. Not sure if it referred to Christian as in the religion but if so it just shows the hypocrisy of it. I think that there are some good things that can come from religion but as a whole it creates division and delusion I think. Speaking of division, it looks as though Trump is going to be acquitted as the senate voted to block witnesses. It’s a fucking sham. How is it a fair trial without witnesses? Once again, Teflon Don gets away with it. It’s just insane the support he gets despite being a known crook. It’s created a great division in the country. Well, no sense in delving into that. It is what it is. I just remembered another thing about last night. When Jason and I were walking back we hard loud music blaring. We turned around and it was a convoy of cyclists with a police escort in the back. It had to have been close to 1,000 cyclists. This was roughly around 10:30 at night. I have no idea what was going on or what it was for but needless to say it was interesting to see. Thus far, Amsterdam has been the best visited place. Cefalu was nice as well. One more night in Hamburg tonight then tomorrow morning we head to Copenhagen for two nights and then I fly home. I’m looking forward to being home. I miss my pets and my wife. That’s all for now.

In the time since I had written this in my journal Trump was indeed acquitted. Things have appeared to get even stranger. The DNC again seems to be trying to fuck over Bernie Sanders. All of the candidates that have started dropping out have decided to endorse Joe Biden. That’s a big fucking problem for me because the guy can’t remember shit and he fucks all kinds of things up. Not a person I want in charge of the country. The only hope is that somehow Bernie does win the nomination but I don’t know if that will happen. I hope it does because then I will want to vote come November. If Biden gets the nomination, it’s going to be difficult. I may just write someone in and that will be the first time I’ve done that. I can’t vote for Trump and I can’t vote for Biden. I will tell you I am voting AGAINST Susan Collins. It’s time she goes. I’ll do the same if we are voting for governor. Janet Mills has got to go too. Anyways, sorry to bog you down with political stuff. That’s not my intent but at least you know where I am standing. Bye for now!

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