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The following you are about to read is from the title date and time I had entered on my journal when I had gone to South America by myself for 5 weeks. It was the first entry I had written when I had gotten to Peru. As you can tell by the year, it’s been over 12 years since that trip. After the entry will be my hindsight thoughts and perspective. I plan to post up more of these in the future and include my after thoughts as well. I hope you enjoy.

Well, I’ve calmed down a bit now. This trip has started pretty close to hellacious as I could imagine, but it has gotten better. I got off the plane in Peru and when I wanted to take money from the ATM it was said it didn’t recognize the account. Needless to say, I was not only livid but panic stricken as I had no real means of calling my bank to bitch them out. I called them before I left to let them know I would be here so there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to use it. Anyways, thankfully I think that problem is solved now that I have gotten some cash from the ATM here in Barranco. I must admit that regardless of how upset I was , riding into town I felt calm and so intrigued when my eyes laid upon this new territory. Watching the waves crashing on the sandy (dark sand) beaches, it was such an amazing view to me as the cab was driving along a road with a gorgeous cliff to my left and the crashing beach to my right. I hope that my backpack arrives soon cuz I really want my cleaning supplies. I feel dirtier than a sewer rat covered in shit.

That’s the end of the first entry. To fill in some blanks for you in case you are not aware Barranco is a small town just outside of center Lima. It was sort of a suburb of it. Also mind you at this time while I did have a cell phone I didn’t have service when I was down there. That’s why I stated I couldn’t call the bank when I was there. There were pay phones but I didn’t know the number to my bank therefore even a pay phone was useless. This was my first trip ever leaving the United States on my own accord. I had gone to Canada briefly once when I was younger with my family but other than that the trip to South America was my first trip out of the States. I have however been to Ireland several times since this trip. While I can still recollect my initial feelings when I did arrive in Peru it did stun me, however, I must say it doesn’t even pale in comparison of when I had first seen the beauty of Ireland. So much so that I try to get there every year. I think I will enjoy writing the recollections of my journal entries. When I first was writing it I had in mind I was going to publish it. I still might but I think the way it’s written is such a personal thing that it won’t translate properly without my current reflections included. Other than what I reflected on above I don’t think there is a whole lot that really stuck out to me in regards to that first entry. I guess that’s all for now.

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