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Rory stared blankly at the white screen. Fingers glued to the keyboard, not even making the slightest twitch.

This didn’t happen to Rory. He would set his fingers down and away he went. One novel after another and each one a best seller. It was unfathomable to have such gifts of storytelling as him. He had just signed the biggest book deal ever. With cash in hand and the confidence of a narcissist he decided to take some time off. He knew he’d have plenty of time to bang out another flawless written spectacle. This was going to be a lengthy holiday. He was 25 and single. He wasn’t much for looks. 6’0 tall and a frame like a malnourished child. He was already thinning on top and had a year or so before he’d have the Friar Tuck look. He knew however, that his notoriety and money would serve him well. He wasn’t wrong. Wherever he went he was treated like royalty. He was taking in every bit of wealth’s offerings above and beyond gluttony. He was on a constant cloud of ecstasy until he actually decided to answer his phone. “Where the hell are you!” the voice screamed to him over the phone. It was Saul Brouker, Rory’s agent.

“Hey Ssssssssaul…” Rory slurred. He wasn’t even sure how he remembered his voice. “You have 2 weeks to publish your book!”

Rory belched, holding the phone to his ear and looking down at the beautiful blonde servicing him. “Ok…. I’ll start when I’m finished with this.”

Saul was in a panicked sweat, infuriated with his client. “Finished with what!? This is serious, man!”

Rory let out a loud groan over the phone “Ohhhhhhhhhh, ok, ok… Sssssaul, it’s fine man. All done, I’ll get to the book now.” He hung up quickly, brushed aside Linda, Layla, whatever her name was and turned on his laptop.

For the first time in his life Rory had no thoughts as he looked at the screen. His fingers wouldn’t budge. Normally they would just go but not on this occasion. 2 weeks he thought, as Saul’s voice echoed in his head. Not much time at all to write, edit and publish. Panic for the first time settled in on Rory. The blonde’s bickering in the background started to make his blood boil. Combined with the added stress of the mess he had got himself in and his apparent loss of words was haunting him. He finally broke his gaze off the screen and looked at the bottle of Jameson on the table. He grabbed it and took a big swig to finish what was left in the bottle. “Get outta here!” he yelled to the blonde throwing the bottle at the wall hard enough for it to break. “You psycho!” The blonde yelled. She ran over and grabbed the jagged glass piece of the bottle. Rory stumbled towards her in anger. Without hesitation, she slashed Rory’s neck with the glass. Rory grabbed his throat gurgling and falling to his knees. The blonde, realizing what she had done frantically ran to the bedroom. She grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around Rory’s neck to try to use as a tourniquet. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! you scared me! What can I do? What can I do?”

Rory pointed over to the computer screen. With all the drug paraphernalia, if they got the cops involved they’d both be doing time. The blonde looked over at the computer screen. Rory gargled “Write…”

Thankfully for Rory, the cuts on his neck were not life threatening and he eventually passed out from exhaustion, from a long time of binge drinking and a multitude of drugs.

He was abruptly awakened. It was the blonde and she was pointing back at the computer screen. He couldn’t believe it. In the time he had been out, she had managed to write something on the screen. He got up and started to read it. He was amazed and baffled. It was actually good. He called Saul “I’m sending you the book.”

“Thank God! You really had me worried last night, buddy.”

Rory let out a smug laugh “Have I ever let you down?”

The blonde looked at him with disdain. She had written that and he was going to take the credit. He looked at her and let out a sigh. He opened his arms to her for an embrace. “You really saved me, and I promise you will be compensated. Come in for a hug, baby.”

She entered his embrace. He tightened his grip on her and slammed her head on the tile floor until she didn’t move. His house was very isolated so disposing of the body without detection was easy. He brought her out deep into the woods and threw her in a ravine about 10 feet down. It was highly unlikely any authorities would go looking for her either as she was an illegal alien.

Rory’s phone rang a few days later. It was Saul. “Wow, Rory. This book is amazing. I think you really out did yourself on this one. I love how you changed your style.”

“Well, that’s the art of a true writer, Saul. Being able to change it up.”

“You nailed it this time, Rory. You really did.”

Saul was right. The book was a massive success and sold more than any of Rory’s previous novels. Other than all the money from the book’s success, he liked book signings the most. It was like being a rock star on tour when doing the book signings. Every city he visited the crowds were endless. He knew that his hometown of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, though the smallest, was also the biggest. He had the book signing at the local library. The line spilled out of the library and well down Main street. Rory had drawn quite a crowd for such a small town. Many people even traveled from Bangor and other towns on the outskirts. Rory did that on purpose. He liked the idea of being able to head out and go home after the signing was done. It was soon time for him to decompress. After several hours, the line was finally trickling down. Rory glanced up at the line quickly. Four more fans, three, two, and finally the last one. He noticed the dirt caked under the nails first and thought it odd. He looked up and got a lump in his throat. The blond girl’s face was badly disfigured but he knew who it was. He knew what was coming next and closed his eyes and accepted his fate as she finished what she had started. Slashing his throat with a proper blade this time.
“The name’s Lisa, Rory. Maybe you’ll remember it in Hell.”

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