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Woke up just a bit ago and had a cup of tea. “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls is playing right now in the bar area of the hostel. I like the song quite a lot actually. I don’t really know what to write about at the moment. I just had nothing better to do I guess. I’m really worried at the moment. I only have $280 left in my account to last me 4 more weeks. Just gotta sacrifice a bit I suppose. I’ve kinda been a bit carefree with my spending which is dumb. I have to stick it out though. The philosophy on this trip has remained the same. In the words of my favorite author “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” I think it speaks for itself.

There’s that saying again. I was and still am a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson. If I had it my way things would have been much smoother on this journey but if that was the case there wouldn’t be a whole lot of entertainment in that would there? You may still be thinking to yourself only $280 to last another 4 weeks! Yes, believe me I felt the same way. Bear in mind however the ratio in Peru at the time was 3 to 1. I still wasn’t in a good spot financially. I got whacked fees every time I had to withdraw money so that added to my worries. So I may try to sugar coat that 280 is close to 900 but really with the fees it was still not a lot of money to work with. If you’ve stuck with me this far in this journey hang tight because the meat of this story is about to come. You’ll be witnessing me bearing my soul quite frankly.

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