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After getting off the short flight from Rome to Sicily we rented our car. Matt had been interested in the seaside location of Cefalu. We were able to find it relatively easy, however, once we got further into the center it was a bit dicey. Now the roads in Ireland I’ve come to know as narrow were nothing compared to some of the streets we went down here. We were able to navigate around safely thankfully. We found a hotel not too far from the center of the town and walked around. We discovered this town was really neat. We discovered some spots we didn’t find while driving. We had lunch at an Enotecca that served a nice plate of sliced meats, cheeses, and some bruscetta. it was much more filling than I had thought it would be. On top of it was that we had a great view of the ocean where we sat. These are the things I enjoy about traveling in the off season. Less people to interrupt our joy. I know it’s selfish but I like to be able to enjoy things without the worry of competition. I’m a competitive person by nature but not when it comes to my travels. We also went out and checked out a house of Aleister Crowley’s. Now, if you’re not familiar with him just know that he was into the dark arts. The house is rather dilapidated but we were still able to get in and check most of it out. It was a cool dark touristy thing and I was happy we were able to find it. As a matter of fact we had some slight assistance from a local. He saw us looking around and he asked “Aleister?” Matt knows a little bit of Italian so with the added direction of the local we were able to find the house amidst the overgrown shrubbery and trees. We may not have found it despite being right near it. Also, no buskers that I noticed at all in this area and it was very nice. I’m sure that changes come summertime. The beach area around her is nice so I bet it gets quite busy. I experience it where I live in the summer. The ocean draws much attention for tourists come summertime. I haven’t enjoyed the beaches by where I live in several years. It’s sad that despite the good tourism does for the area it really ruins it for the natives like myself. Well, it’s getting near bed time so I shall rest for now.

I was happy I was able to visit Cefalu. We enjoyed it so much it was where we stayed for the few days we had in Sicily. We figured why ruin a good thing plus it was only about 45 minutes or so from the airport so no sense in driving all over Sicily. The landscape seemed to be pretty consistent so we didn’t think there would be a whole lot more we would discover down there. I also enjoyed discovering the house of Aleister Crowley’s. If you are unaware of him I suggest googling him. He was, let’s just say, a relatively undesirable character. I was glad that Matt had done some research on the area and that we were able to explore that as that is also a unique thing to go see. I prefer doing unique things that aren’t the ordinary when traveling. Why go see what everyone else has seen when you travel? I guess just to say you’ve seen it for yourself. I can understand that, that’s why I wanted to see the Coliseum but like I mentioned, it didn’t blow me away. Aleister Crowley’s house, to me was much more entertaining. There is a lot of vandalism that has gone on there and you will see it in the pictures I post. There is some original stuff but what is original and what is not I am not completely sure. I hope you enjoy the pics!

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