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Before I jump into this day’s entry I wanted to fill in some details that I realize I have unintentionally omitted. The name of the plaza that I had gone to in Miraflores was Larcomar. I was actually able to edit a picture I had taken while there and it is posted below. The reason I edited it was because it was a picture of Eloise. As I have mentioned earlier, there is no one from this trip that I have had constant and continued contact with. Therefore, I didn’t want to go posting up pictures without anyone’s permission. I will be reaching out to some I am friends with on facebook to see if it’s okay for me to put up pictures of us together. I hope they don’t mind but if they do I will completely respect their wishes. I did want to post this picture however just to give you a visual of what I had seen. You can see the time stamp in the left corner. All the pictures I had taken with my camera I had it set so they would be time stamped. This was how I knew I didn’t take the picture of the catacombs but Mark and Christine were nice enough to let me have a copy of some of their photos at that time. I also want to let you know that while Lima is a big city it was actually pretty navigable. The small suburb I had stayed at was 5 minutes from Miraflores when taking a cab and it was the same to get to center Lima as well. The longest cab ride I had taken when I was there was 20 minutes and that was going to the airport to pick up my backpack when it had finally arrived. Other than that it was easy to get around by foot as well. Barranco had a very bohemian and cozy feel to it and Miraflores was the gathering place for tourists as it had shopping and what seemed to be the happening place to be for nightlife. It was also in a great location as you can tell from the photo below it wasn’t the worst view you will see. One more thing I wanted to add in quickly, Grant had left earlier in the night on my last entry because he had found out that Veronica was gay. I knew it seemed sort of abrupt how he wanted to just leave us behind. At the time I was unaware but the way things had started working out I was sort of chatting up Eloise most of the time and Grant was getting cozy with Veronica or so he thought. In end he wasn’t going to waste his time… it was a veteran’s move and if I were still in the game, one I would employ now as well. I did have a lot of fun with those girls that night and I had gone to their room with them in hopes of something sexual but I was never Don Juan Demarco and always feared rejection. I also always respected “No” with that being said as I had grown older I also realized that sometimes no was yes…. I may get some shit for that last comment and I don’t mean it in the way that I in any means ever pushed myself on someone without their consent but just in terms of how some girls play the game. They do it in the thrill of being pursued I think. Veronica had let me know she was gay as well later in the night or I should say early in the morning which was how I discovered the reason for Grant leaving earlier than us. Perhaps that’s the reason why there was so much emotion and weirdness to follow.

Photo taken the Larcomar sans Eloise that’s why it looks a little odd in the middle

Well, went out with Eloise and Veronica again tonight. It has been a weird day as each of us has had our moments of drama. I really didn’t think I would have one buy eventually did. I had a couple bottles of wine with Veronica and I don’t know just had a hair come across my ass. It wasn’t directed towards them but more within myself. I just need to relax or something. The biggest truth is that I have a crush on Eloise and I just don’t think it’s going to happen and in turn it makes me sad to be honest. Thats really all I can write for now.

Reading that last entry firsthand is interesting. Remind you I had two bottles of wine so the handwriting was much sloppier than my usual. The drama I speak of I can’t entirely remember other than that Eloise had seemed to be getting sick. She had gotten bitten by a bug and it seemed to be getting the better of her. I think they also may have been a bit stressed about traveling with me in hindsight. At the time I felt like they really enjoyed being around me but perhaps it was only in my head. After you read the next few entries you can make your own judgment…

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