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I’ve really dug a hole this time. I am negative $6.66 in my account. I sent an outcry on Myspace and I hope it works. I just realized that I forgot to give everyone the name of my bank. Stupid me! I feel so fucked right now. Someone needs to come through. If not, then it is going to be a long hard road back home, by land hitch hiking. I cant afford any lodging right now. I can’t afford food. I’m not worried about food but I am worried about paying the hostel. I’m in a worse predicament then when I was in Cuzco. I only have 13 days till my scheduled flight home. I’d rather be home and deal with the debt I owe than be here completely uncertain if I will get home at all. This trip has been a roller coaster. When I’ve had funds it has been high times but times when I have none, like now, it has been painfully low. Something has to give. I refuse to believe I will be stuck here. Someone has to help me. All I can do is literally pray right now that everything is going to be ok. I need to get back online and let them know my bank is Bank of America. This is an emergency so I’m gonna do it now.

So much for pride. When I saw the red numbers displaying what I was hoping would be a balance and not a debt I hit full blow panic mode. The other thing that hit me to the core, was the number. I can’t make that shit up. Now, I’m not overly religious but I do know some things about the Bible. They say that 666 is the number of the beast, devil, Satan, whatever you want to call him. It was almost as if it was a sign telling me the only way out was to sell my soul to him. That’s what I did, or at least that’s how it felt, having to make a plea publicly on Myspace for financial assistance. I felt like a beaten, whimpering, dog begging to come inside from the cold. The outcry garnished concern and speculation from home…

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