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Pretty much in the clear now. Jason and Matt couldn’t even tell I was tripping other than my pupils being huge. Not the mind blowing experience I’d hoped for. I would’ve liked more visuals. I also think that when I’m in a public setting and tripping I feel obliged to fit in and don’t enjoy the trip as much. I think I will go back later to get a stronger dose and hopefully have a better, more mind blowing experience. Maybe if I’m lucky, I can get Matt to bite and we can trip out and listen to some good tunes together. I know I enjoy a trip more if I’m not in public because then I can dictate the journey myself. I don’t want to try to fit in when I trip, I want to expand out. I feel I do that best without random people around. I guess I shall see but I do plan to try a stronger trip. This trip was typical and came in waves. I had a perma-grin phase for a bit but being at the bar really dulled my experience I think. Matt was staring off into no man’s land for awhile which made me feel like he was tripping or something even though he wasn’t. Thankfully, I didn’t have any melt downs or anything but everything I felt was more of the body high. I prefer visuals so maybe they have something better designed for that. I will check either later tonight or tomorrow morning. I still have yet to smoke a joint. I could go for one right now. The guys are asleep at the moment and I’m wide awake. I’ve got a hunger growing. I think I’m ready for a nice steak tonight. Hopefully, I can convince them as well. There’s a ton of steak houses around here. It’s getting a bit later so maybe I should wake them so we don’t eat too late. I’ll give it some more time I guess. I don’t have much more to say so I will close for now.

I noticed one thing I didn’t mention in this entry or in my reflection on my last entry and that is the taste of the truffles. I’ve had mushrooms before as I have explained previously and those typically are not very great tasting. The truffles were tiny morsels and had an interesting bitter taste and they actually tasted better than mushrooms. That’s a good thing because it made it easier to chew them longer before swallowing, which was the recommended way to ingest them. Chewing each piece for as long as possible before swallowing. It was a lengthy process as I walked around the streets with Jason and Matt while I munched them down piece by piece. Toward the end of consuming them I ended up tossing several pieces in my mouth at a time because I had been eating them for about 20 minutes at that pace. Now, that I’ve gotten that detail out of the way I’ll stop the suspense now as I never did end up going back to get more. The way the rest of the night panned out along with what we had planned to do the next day just didn’t make it possible for me to think I would be able to get the experience I was looking to have so I refrained from getting more. I would have gone back to the hotel when we were in that bar but my faculties and sense of direction were not where they needed to be and I was reliant on Jason and Matt to get me back if that was going to happen. I do recall that there was a bit of commotion going on. Mind you all of it behind my back. Jason and Matt more or less were discussing the drama. There was a big bald dude that had gone across the street and taken a picture of one of the sex workers in the booth. That is highly frowned upon and it really pisses the girls off. She was giving the guy the finger and rapping on the glass of the booth furious with the guy. I glanced back behind me to see her flicking him off. The funny thing is we had spent a good chunk of time at that bar in that area and the whole time no one had given the girl any work or at least that we saw. There were a couple that talked to her but none that entered. A little while after the altercation with the big bald guy she put on her street clothes and left. Matt saw her leave the booth and pointed her out as she walked briskly down the street. I felt bad for her. She did seem to have a bad attitude though. We all have off days I suppose.

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