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We are back at the Old Sailor bar and now in full shroom mode. I can barely write, not sure how I’m doing it. Keeping very much to my own devices at the moment. Hands are clammy. I think I will stop writing for now.

Yeah, I was having serious body high at this point and I didn’t really want to be in the bar at that moment. I was by myself as Matt had gotten up to order beers for Jason and himself. Jason in the meantime went to the bathroom. The mushrooms were in full effect at this point and I had wanted to write something while I tripped and this what I had written. I remember it being difficult for me because I was nervous being in the bar. I didn’t want anyone to know I was tripping, I was worried I’d get in trouble. I had a bit of paranoia going on and when that hits it can go south. I remained strong minded though and powered through. The visuals were not as amazing as I had hoped they would be but the body high is what kicks me. My feet were sweating profusely and it felt like my feet were in puddles in my shoes. When we were sitting down I was staring out the window at the canal watching the water rise and dip. It was difficult to tell if it was really happening or if it was visuals. I know the weird designs I could see on the concrete were visuals. I knew the dance of the wood grain on the table in the bar were visuals. I couldn’t tell if it was just natural rising and lowering of the canal. That was a trip for my mind. I had moments of severe insecurity while sitting there when it was silent. There was a span of probably 5 minutes where Matt just looked out at the canal in contemplation, not saying a word. Finally, Jason brought the silence. That snapped me out of the paranoia and weird fear I had going on in my skin. My body was giving me the heebie jeebies. I didn’t like the silence between us and once we started to converse the wave lengths got better and I had a good vibe. Then we had another small bout of silence and again my body shifted on me. I remember saying in my head “This is fucking Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam” I was not feeling comfortable in that bar. I was sitting with my back to the door. There was also a stupid small statue directly behind me on my left. When tripping your peripherals are very in tune. It over-enhances some of your senses. So I kept seeing that damn statue out of the corner of my eye and it gave me the feeling of someone always being over my shoulder, violating my personal space bubble. That was making me feel uneasy. Also, the bar background conversations were all passing through my ears and into my brain like echoes of the universe. I was trying to listen to everything at the same time. It was really weird. I was able to hold it together though. Another funny thing was when were were walking around and they just started to kick in. I had a real weird thought come to me. I think Matt had gotten something sweet and it was in the touristy part of the city. He said it wasn’t as good as he thought it would be and the strangest thought came to my mind. I came up with the theory that a place that has really great quality of what they sell will succeed without having to be in the touristy parts. That being said they in turn pay less for where they rent or lease their space and therefore are a more legit and harder working business than one that set up shop in the touristy part. Does that make any sense? It made perfect sense to me at the moment that bullshit popped in my head. Matt even agreed with it. Mind you, I literally know pretty much fuck all about business so don’t knock psychedelics until you’ve tried them. The shit can open doors in your mind you didn’t know you had. I’m not saying it’s for everyone but I usually can take something away from it.

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