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To start, let me just say that I’ve never been a fan of Donald Trump. Long before he ever conned his way into the White House I disliked him. The simple reason being that I absolutely can not stand anyone that constantly brags and boasts. This a very broad statement but anyone that has those characteristics is full of shit. I have a pretty good bullshit detector and I despise being lied to. I’m an honest person and I expect the same. Now I know all the politicians out there are full of shit and people thought that because Trump wasn’t a politician it was a good thing to have him become president(not me). Also, a successful businessman (is he really though?) would get the country right or as he says “Great Again”. A statement that has become polarizing in the country. Silly cheap looking red hats with the white lettering. A statement that had been made back in the 80’s with Ronald Reagan. No one seems to credit him with that though or maybe people just forgot. Anyways, I digress and should get to the topic of this whole thing. The impeachment hearings. I listened to most of the hearings as it took place while I was at work. I wanted to hear the testimonies and come to my own conclusion while keeping an open mind and trying to not to be bias on the whole situation. It was a difficult thing to do honestly. I feel that the evidence is there and it points to the fact that there was shady foreign dealings going on. Too many dots connect and it is scarily similar to the events that happened during the Nixon impeachment. Most of the Republicans turning a blind eye to the testimonies and simply trying to convince everyone there was no wrong doing. Thankfully, in a sense they are right. They are right because of the fact that he had been caught. Much like Nixon had been caught. Republicans claiming that all the testimonies are not evidence and just hearsay. Let me ask you this… if you receive a phone call about something after you find out you are being investigated do you answer your phone call from the ambassador saying the opposite thing of what you are being investigated for? That shows to me, covering tracks and doing everything possible to prevent from getting in trouble. How about not releasing certain transcripts? What would it have hurt to have those on hand unless they were incriminating? On the other side you can also say why wasn’t Hunter Biden testifying? I can see that perspective, however, the impeachment wasn’t about Hunter Biden. It’s about whether the president held back aid for an ally in return for an investigation of a political opponent. After hearing the testimonies, I heard that the aid had been withheld and was released AFTER congress started to investigate. So the question really is how long would the aid been withheld if an investigation hadn’t started? What I heard from the Republican defense was a lot of attacks and misdirection. Trying to discredit most of those that testified. Focusing on small words like “presumably” and “interesting”. It was sickening to listen to at times honestly because it was uncalled for I feel. I also want to take a moment and I hope you do as well. Regardless of where you stand politically take a moment and think of how we got here. Doesn’t it feel like we are divisive to extremes? Far right, far left. What happened to the middle, folks? I often ask myself, if we are the United States of America, than why did we divide it with 2 major political parties? Everyone’s different but we are all just people right? Why can’t we look past our differences these days and try to be civilized? Nowadays it seems like everything that’s not on your side needs to be attacked and is a threat. It’s a negative way to be and no one gains from it. Just because someone has a different view on something doesn’t make them a threat. It doesn’t call for intimidation or name calling. What it does call for is to take a moment to absorb it and take a look through another’s lens. The less views you receive the more blind you are to be. Until eventually you’re just in the dark. It’s ok to go to the ledge and see the view from another side. That’s what makes America great. All the views that can be had without repercussion. We are the eyes of the world. Lets not poke them out.

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