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Tensions are rising between the U.S and Iran. It’s unnerving. I won’t lie, it’s quite frightening. I’m not one that bites on most of the stuff on the news but if even a small bit of it is true that has just recently been released it’s downright scary. The scariest thing is that I think this is happening to pull attention away from the impeachment. It’s dangerous to put your personal interests in getting re-elected towards military pressures on another country. Outright assassination to be frank. Another concern I have is knowing that Trump has already dropped a M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Bombs) on Afghanistan. Remember that? Well, I’d say that there’s not much that would prevent him from doing it again or going even more extreme should Iran counterattack, which there are reports that indicate they have stated they will but that they are patient and that they will attack whatever target and time they choose. That’s either a bluff which it may be but I don’t think it is. All the U.S has ever done it seems is constantly fuck with the Middle East. They aren’t scared. If things do go even more south, I think it could be bad. Or maybe I got suckered. If that’s the case, it won’t happen again.

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