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Hamburg has been a pretty drab visit overall. All of us haven’t been feeling the greatest. The Air BNB we are staying at is a shit hole. There’s no elevator and it’s 5 floors up a spiral staircase. It’s also poorly insulated so it gets chilly easy. We had lunch earlier by the harbor and that was meh. It was expensive for lunch it seemed. after that we pretty much came back to the room and rested. There’s not really any museums that pique our interest so we haven’t really had much of a positive experience in this place. It could have been better if the bars didn’t allow smoking. It seems we are going to try an Indian restaurant for dinner tonight. It’s got good reviews so I’ll be interested to see how it compares to the Indian restaurant we have back home. Well, we have a few but the only one I actually trust and enjoy is Tulsi. I’m hoping the spices help to kick the rest of this cold out of me. It’s time to head out to dinner. Let’s see how this place is.

It was almost as if Amsterdam came with us because all we could smell in the Air BNB was the aroma of cannabis from one of the other apartments in the building. The woman who ran the Air BNB was generous to let us know about that as well as there not being an elevator moments before we entered the building. Huffing and puffing we got to the top where our room was. When we entered we were greeted with a bland, dark, and depressing space in which to stay. The walls were white, the floors were gray, and the wooden beams on the ceiling were black. The couch was a large sectional and was gray also. The most morose thing was the sleeping area. It was 2 metal bunk beds and 2 beds tucked up next to the wall with the roof going up so that if you jolted up in your sleep you’d knock yourself back out with a concussion. We named it Block 27 seeing how it was in Germany, it was a depressing place to stay, and we had the Anne Frank experience still fresh in our brains. Jason and Matt stayed on the bottom beds of the bunks and I slept along the wall. I made it out relatively unscathed and only bumped my noggin a couple of times. While the experience of that Air BNB was awful, I’m thankful because it gave me something to write about. On that note, be speculative of photos of where you stay. They can be deceiving.

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