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Got out early from work. It feels good. Not only because of getting out early but also because I felt accomplished. I felt I had worked hard and earned it. Mind you the work wasn’t in and of itself from today but actually from the work and effort put forth on Monday and Tuesday. I wish I have put as much effort into my writing but I’ve been lazy. No other reason. If that’s not honesty I don’t know what else to tell you. That’s what I strive to do. Give it to you straight. Pull no punches, even if it means demeaning myself in the process. No one is safe in this domain. I haven’t written because of a fucking video game and laziness. Yet, here I am today to make my confession. All I had to do was sit in front of my laptop and something will get done. It always does and that’s why this is happening right now. The free roaming mind coursing my fingers over the keys. Written diarrhea, that’s the only way to really define it. I’m not playing a video game that probably all the others are that play them. They are probably playing Call of Duty or Fortnite. Fortnite by the way is fucking dumb. I’ve tried it and I think the only reason there was hype about it was because it was free which caused a lot of people to play it. Anyways, the game I’ve been playing is Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. It’s fucking kinda cool. I don’t want to dull you too much about it but basically you start as a clan of chimpanzees and evolve up until being homo sapiens. It’s interesting and has really sucked me in. Now that I have confessed my sins I actually feel good. It feels good hitting these keys. I just need to keep in mind all I need to do is do it. I will start making a stronger effort. I owe it to you and to myself.

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