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Today while listening to Pandora at work, I heard “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. I had a memory playback in my mind. It was just a small snippet of myself sitting with Eloise and Veronica, who were two Irish women I had met on my trip and we were drinking wine. It was random how it just popped up like that but I know why. If you are new to my blog you may want to look at my journal entries I had posted towards the beginning of when I started this blog. You will read on how I reflect on a moment when I actually played “In Your Eyes” on guitar and sang it at one point under the encouragement of Eloise and Veronica. I think the memory brought me to that same night just not my performance of that song. Mainly, because I don’t think I did so well with it and it’s something I would probably rather forget. I forget how I did and I think that’s my brain’s defense mechanism. I remember it happening that’s for sure just not how it went. Anyways, I’m getting a bit long winded on the whole point I want to make. When that small little snippet played in my mind, I felt a sense of peace and gratefulness. It opened my eyes to how fortunate I have been in my life. While that trip was far from perfect, in fact quite the opposite, I couldn’t help but think to myself. Wow, you’re really fortunate to have been able to do that. Along with many other travels I have been able to do. Most of them have been to Ireland and all of those trips remain dear to me as well. I even just got back in early February from a small Euro trip. I was fortunate not only for taking that trip but also on the timing of it because it was in the very beginning of the reports coming in on COVID-19. Experiences are what make life. Not money. Granted I am aware it takes money to have some experiences like travel but there are also experiences you may have had that didn’t cost anything. During these times, I think it’s best that everyone stop and think of simple things and maybe realize that not everything sucks all the time. I’ll also say, if you have that moment of clarity like I did earlier today. It will put you in a better mood. The past couple days I’ve been on a bit of an anger tear and I’m happy I had that moment today. It helped to reset my mind and realize I’ve been a fortunate one. For that, I’m thankful.

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