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Terra and Kim went off for the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” this morning. They should be back by around 9 tonight. I have to check and see if I have money in the bank today. I hope I do, then I can plan my next move. I may try to go on a jungle trek somewhere. Either Rurrenabaque or The Pampas. Whichever is closest to La Paz I guess. I don’t want to get into a bind trying to get back home. I want to be able to stop at a couple places on the way back as well so I’m not bus jumping constantly. Yesterday I went for quite a walk around the city. I went with Terra, Kim, and Rafael. Rafael is a guy that Terra and Kim befriended on their Macchu Picchu hike. He is a pretty cool guy. He is Asian but lives in Brazil. He knows a good amount of Spanish so it helped with finding certain places around town. We found a park way up on one of the mountains. It was like a kid’s playground but it was fun for us as well. They had a huge concrete slide. Terra, Rafael, and I all went down it twice. Another slide was one with a crocodile. You slid down its open mouth and went out it’s butt. It was pretty funny seeing a slide like that. The park also gave a great panoramic view of the city. I took pictures of course. Well, I suppose I should see if I have some money yet. Let’s cross our fingers.

I mention above in the entry about either Rurrenabaque or The Pampas. That’s an error on my part. Rurrenabaque, or Rurre in short was really just a small town that served as a hub to access different tours. You could take one that brought you into the jungle or one that took you out to what was considered The Pampas which was a wetland savanna. I wanted to do the pampas tour over the jungle tour. While researching them it was stated that the best option for seeing wildlife was the pampas tour and that was what I wanted. I wanted to see some wildlife. I’ve always been intrigued with it and to see it firsthand was a real desire. Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s move on.

There was something magical about that park on the outskirts of town. It also may have been the thin air from the altitude, either way the park morphed us from young adults into children as we laughed and played. Among the slides mentioned there were also a couple little mushroom houses and a swing set that we swung on. It over looked the city which made it thrilling as you would swing higher and higher. It was a nice day spent with some great people.

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