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A truly disgusting display by desperate losers happened today. The peaceful protest in objection to the certification of the presidential election turned out to just be a coup. A coup to try to overthrow the government is all I can try to presume. It’s disgusting to see my former countrymen act this way. I say former because in my opinion those that stormed into the Capitol Building are traitors. Those on the outskirts that did not break in and truly were peaceful are not. They were exercising their right to peaceful assembly. Even more disgusting is the president telling them to march down to the Capitol and encouraging it. Trump should also be tried for treason due to this. It is appalling that these people actually think the democrats are the fascists. The truly scary thing about this is, if they resort to this during the electoral votes being certified. How the hell are they going to react during the inauguration? This is absolutely insane! How warped so many people have become. They simply can not accept the fact their guy lost. It is shameful, it is disgusting. This is nothing to be proud of. If you don’t like Hitler you must stop believing what Trump says. Trump is telling the big lie about election fraud and repeating it over and over and over and therefore you have been believing it. That was Hitler’s tactic and a quote of his even. Another of his quotes is “It is not truth that matters, but victory.” Sounds an awful like what Trump is trying to attempt. Be smart and don’t let it happen. Learn from history for once and let’s not repeat it.

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