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Currently on our flight to Marseille, France from Palermo, Italy. During the day we went to some ruins. Segesta Ruins to be precise. It’s amazing how some of the things from back in the B.C. times still stand. There was some staging holding some of it up so they are trying to preserve it. It was a bit of a rough ride and I was feeling pretty green on part of it because there were some winding roads. I made it through without vomiting so that’s a success. This flight is bare bones and feels like a traveling sales pitch. Several times the attendants have come through to sell food, drink, cologne, and God knows what other shit. Nothing complimentary on this flight. I’m hoping they don’t charge us for checking our backpacks. We were forced to at check in and I’m not sure why. I could’ve gotten mine in the overhead bins easily and so could Matt and Jason. On thing’s for sure these fuckers better not lose our luggage. I’ll be having flashbacks of South America. In reflection, I really enjoyed Cefaulu, Italy. It was a beautiful area and the hospitality was good as well. Let’s see how it compares to France. I’ve always had an aversion to France for some reason. Hopefully, it changes my mind. Well, we are on our descent it feels so I will close for now.

Thankfully, there was no charge on the checked bags and the luggage was not lost. It was only a 2 or 2 1/2 hour flight but I saw the attendants go up and down the aisles trying to push shit on you in that time period than I saw on the flight from Boston to our layover in Munich to start this trip. It was unlike anything I had really experienced and the fact that even a complimentary beverage (non alcoholic) wasn’t even included was really puzzling. Some of the attendants seemed kinda bitchy too so that put a hinder on the flight experience as well. It was a short flight so that was good at least. Also, worth noting was how sick I was feeling from part of the ride to the ruins was largely in part to the hangover I had as well. My health seemed to decline as soon as we landed in France. My left ear never unplugged and I was in the beginning stages of getting a cold or sinus infection. As I think back on it, I think being a drunk dumb ass and jumping into the Mediterranean may have been the reason I started to get sick. Plus my immune system was probably already weakened from all the wine we had drank the day before. There was no rest for the wicked. The journey had to continue.

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