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Well, tonight is my last night in Lima. I am heading to Cuzco tomorrow by bus. I hope that I may be able to work at a hostel there to save some money. It would be for the remainder of my stay but I think in turn it could be quite fun and interesting. It may blog down this journal or maybe enhance it a little. I guess I’ll have to see.

It just dawned on me that along with my journal I was also at the time posting stuff up on my Myspace. Unfortunately, all those posts that were on there seem to be gone. I’m thankful I am able to pull some pictures off of it. There will be pictures I post but they are a little further along in this story, so please be patient. I do recall at one point when riding in a cab where I heard “New Sensation” by INXS and if my memory serves me right it was after buying the tickets for the bus to head to Cuzco. That song was exactly how I felt at the moment. I had a new sensation of excitement gearing up for my trip to Cuzco…

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